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ChameleonRocketGames is recruiting! #Cancelled

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ChameleonRocketGames is recruiting! #Cancelled

Hello there people of ArmedUnity! If you've seen our Showcase of our game Last Zone, you should see me mentioning "not recruiting anyone". But, today's changed it! Today is the day we are recruiting at ChameleonRocketGames! Sounds like a TV-show... Anywho, we're recruiting people between a mature age. By that, I mean people that takes responibility and not "laze" around the couch and watch television while us other are working. And ofcourse, people that has knowledge in these slots we're mentioning below. (Ofcourse you could "laze" around sometimes but not always :P)

What we in the team are focusing mostly on are the FPS-Horror games. We're currently working on this game Last Zone which is a zombie survival horror. More games will come but sadly enough, we´re not allow to tell them here because they´re suppose to be like a "suprise" :d
Video of game:

Please login or register to see this spoiler.


Name: Josef Nawas (Joseph)
Age: 16
What role I take?: Scripting and some animating.
Location: Sweden


3D Modeller (Characters, Furnitures, Props, Buildings etc) 1/2

Sound Artist/Designer (music is needed) 0/1 (optional)

Texturer 0/1

Animator 0/1

Shader Artist 0/1 (optional)

How Can I Apply?

Well, this is how you can apply to us:

1. You could send me a PM and telling me which part you're interested in. Ofcourse you need to show me some work of yours, if you choose , example 3D modelling, you then need to show some work of yours.

This is how your application should look like:

2. You could also post down below but I actually recommend that you PM me.

Any further questions? Well, you could always PM me about anything you're worried or wondering about. And as always, Have a great day!

Your friend, Joseph!



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Nice to see a organized recruiting thread once in a while :P

Best of luck i guess!


Although you should talk about the games you will be working on.

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