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Teleport Script, Move To Raycast Position Over Time.


Hi All... A while back aldonetto from answers.unity3d helped me get a teleport script working.

I have modified to have Audio - Particle FX (Though particle FX Wont Disable)

Here is the script, Below it i will post info on the actual issue :)

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So.. When the raycast hits and teleports me there... I don't want it to be instant.. I want it to take a little time.. like.. 1.5 So my particle FX can have enough time to play and still look - function beautifully.

I'm not sure how to use timers or pretty much anything to do with vectors - transform.. So this has been pretty much impossible for me to do myself. So I'm here "Best Unity Community" Asking For Your Help! Information is greatly appreciated, Thank you for the time you took to read this post .

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