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Invisible World - Survival Zombie Multiplayer?

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Hello everyone , that's my first post and i like send to you my update about game [invisible world] what i do.

That's game actually has 1 map (full) , 15 weapon , parkour system and 50new objects but on this update you can see nothing :) If you like i can send more UPDATE , do you like ? :)


UPDATE 1,5#  - (in update 2 you can see first map and ready game to download  :)   ) (Game make on OMA kit fps )





I called that's my first post , please dont be negative for me :3 (my english sucks i know ;<)

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Not bad, but you should change the HUD and your video looks wierd (too tall)... And the world isn't invisible :P

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emm , DaBoss , i'v got a question ... what i'm should doing for my post be visible for all? (in showcase my post is on back ;_;)

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