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Networked Car Physics

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Posted (edited)

In the past few weeks I've been working on this small multiplayer project, where you can basically drive and drift around the scene with others.

It has¬†no point at all but hey, I can safely say that I finally managed to figure out networking! ūüėĄ


This is a customizable, semi-realistic vehicle controller, with lightweight networking on top of it. For networking I'm using Photon.

By lightweight I mean that it doesn't sync everything (like transforms and rigidbodies), only the data that I actually care about.




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Network send rate is 20.

A network packet consist of the following:

  • Vehicle's next frame position based on the current velocity
  • Vehicle's local forward and right vector¬†for the rotation
  • Per wheel steering angle, rpm, and height

In total it is 108 byte/packet which isn't bad in my opinion, but it can easily be optimized a bit more.

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Posted (edited)

 Noice. Can i have the file?

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Are you using reliable or unreliable data transfer?

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Not bad 108 bytes/packet with 20 per second makes 2KB/second or 16Kbs per player. Rule of thumb is to have at max 3Mbs download speed to compensate for the countries with low internet speed.

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So you could attain about 150-200 players driving cars with your implementation. Have you tried to benchmark with limited internet speed? Also, are you planing on selling this as a unity asset or releasing it for free?

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@MyIsaak Thanks for the feedback, haven't tried benchmarking it. I'm not planning to work on it anymore to be honest, so I might share it later.

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