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Seam between Terrains


Hey, just wanted to update my asset: Please login or register to see this link.

to work with the new Terrain System but there are some problems.

I got everything working so far based on the new Terrain Layers i did use splatmaps before to texture the terrain so it wasnt that hard to switch it to Terrain layers but now here is the problem: 

There are seams now between Terrain chunks and they are very well visible:


With the old system this Terrain was completely seamless but i dont have a clue why it isnt anymore. 

Im pretty sure it has to do with the new layer system in some way. It looks like the normals on the edge are not calculated correctly. 

I did use setNeighbours() and flush() on both terrain chunks to recalculate the normals at the edge. 

And in the past that did work. 

But its also strange that at some points the textures dont seem to match somehow. Could be an illusion tho. 

Any ideas are greatly apprechiated :)


Also the asset is free if you want to have a look for yourself. Source is included ofc. 

Also if you have any documentation of the new Terrain Layer system that would be apprechiated as well. 


Thanks for your help. 

Pretty stuck 😕


"Instancing also improves the appearance of terrain normals; we decouple the terrain mesh normals from the geometry by storing them in a normal map texture that is generated from the heightmap and sampled in the pixel shader. This means the normals are independent of the mesh LOD level. "~Unity Blogs 

Maybe that has something to do with it? 

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