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New Terrain System Rant

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I know everybody likes the new terrain system of unity but i just dont. 

Since 2018.3 was release i only had problems with the new terrain system. 

If i set the new gpu instancing to true on the terrain -> whole terrain glitches out.... okay so i wont use it then im alright with that. 

Warning: Splat Maps are obsolete now ... okay ill change it no problem... ofc. there is  very little documentation on the new Terrain Layers api but ill figure it out.

mhmm your seamless terrain has seams now -> chaning auto connect to true ... still seams .... set the same group id to all terrains tiles... still seams but why? this doesnt make sence you start to annoy me unity.

well at least i have this multy terrain editing thing now.

huess what. that doesnt work as well. Here are some funny pictures of a once seamless terrain: 


now has obvious seams and the normals are obviously not right at all

but lets have a look at the editing tools now shall we. I always wanted to draw textures on multiple terrains at once: 



well then... maybe move it slightly.... ??


at least its not stretched like that anymore....

can i just have the old terrain back, please? 

I mean wtf is this, nothing works the way it should and this isnt even the beta version.

Screenshots where made in Stable release 2018.3 

And when it comes to scripting there really is a lack of documentation what methods are new how they work as well if any old methods are affected by changes or not useable anymore for the new Terrain System. 

I mean i like the idea but this the things i have experienced so far are not a stable release to me. 

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Please login or register to see this quote.

but nobody forces you to jump on latest version of unity engine.

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Please login or register to see this quote.

still want to have the other features up to date. 

Probably im just to dumb to use the new system and just frustrated me quite a bit. 

Since there is very little documentation on the scripting side of it. I guess have to figue it out somehow. 

Just not today. So much enexpected problems with this new system :)

Its also about my characted once there is a new stabe release i have to have all the new stuff ^^ 

But ill call it a day now and see why all of this happens by tomorrow. (Its time to get into unity again)

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