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The Future of Unity!

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Hello everyone.

My name is Mohammad Nazzal i'm 18 Years old and have 3 years experience of Unity3D Engine. however after a week i will start university.

Today i met my cousin who studied Software engineering and working in a big company and he knows a lot about the trending games and the engines used in that game, So i asked him "Is Unity3D Game engine worth working on it after the university like a job ?", he said "No" then he told me "tell me about the trending games right now like fortnite , PUBG ..ETC, they are all using Unreal engine" and if you want to get a game development job you should learn Unreal engine instead of Unity3D so you could work in Triple-A Studios ..

and honestly i don't know what to do with my unity projects, c# experience ...etc

any help,Critics ?

guys be serious with the answer and forget the domain "ArmedUnity" :) 

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Respectfully I understand what meant your cousin, but honestly I have a doubt about his skill regarding this question. I could argue a few hours with you, but I prefer only quote some games which are good - and bankable - if you think that you need money developing your own projects : SuperHot, FireWatch, LayersOfFear, CupHead, TheRoom, MonumentValley, BroForce, Poney Island, SolarGun, Inside, HandOfFaith, Endless Space2, SubNautica, and more more more. I played almost all games which I quoted previously - and they are really good - better than some sh** which had been released using Unreal Engine 😕

Maybe Unity is not the best, the most beautiful, efficient or something else  - OK (I don't agree), but it is not the least. I cannot imagine myself working on another engine. Take a look at the link below and you can see that many interesting games ($$$) have been developed under Unity. Considering all efforts that the Unity team does today so as to increase quality and power of their engine, I guess that the future will be amazing for Unity and its community ++


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Thank you bro ❤️, Honestly i totally agree with you but just want to ask this question...  even i can't see myself working on another game engine.

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