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Android aspect ratios & Canvas scale with screen size problem


Hello everyone,

first of all sorry if i asked too many questions... but there's a few errors left in my 2nd game :) .

I'm working on android game and almost %75 of the game in the Canvas..

I'm working on (1440x2800) screen size and this is my canvas settings :

Please login or register to see this attachment.

When i play the game on LG G5 The game works perfectly and the enemy speed is correct as i need (100), but when i played it on resolution (720x1280) the enemies on the game didn't even appear because of its speed (100) when i decreased the speed like (100->5) some of the doesn't appear and some of them i can see them as i see them on LG G5 . and honestly my mind is blown  

(NOTICE : the enemy is in the canvas as image)


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Many people suffering form this issue. Maybe this will help you.

In " Canves Scaler",  change the "screen match mode" to " match hight or width" and make the " Match" 0.5.


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