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How you start GameDevelopment/coding?

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I want your story of how all start.Like the start of "game development careear" .For me was on 13. I remember i find one of the first tutorials on romanian youtube with game development on GameMaker. For me was amazing. And I said. "I can do it." GameMaker was the start for me. I start with simple no sense game like jump until you die or smth like that. After 2 years i dicovered Unity. i was amazed. Like every kid,on 14-15 years old i was amazen of the power of"3D GAMES" . I started with simples. Again,a platformer. but this time ,was multiplayer ,cuz thanks unity asset store.like 50 players(school friends) playd my game in a single week and try to finish or beat the best time made by me on a "parkour" map.Just a capsule jumping on block by block.With higher and taller obstacle. I was popular in my schoool cuz this game.  After 3 months of experimenting i start seriosly . And on 6-7 days i make the first fps project. (It was fps asset modifyed by me with some +scripts and models :)) )(also an image) I was so happy when i see i made 10-30 downloads per day.So 1000 downlaods for me is a big number) But ,it was a free asset,and i was 10% skill on game development,so the rest of 89% of noob and 1% of dreams decide to transform in dream to make my own game from scratch/zero. Today,i am the same,lazy but more realistic knowing if u working hard enought ,you will se good results. I will be happy to see your story of how you start coding or game development. I really wanna read your begenning. much love ArmedUnity ❤️ and staff/members

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I started by making text  adventure games on ms dos. Concept was pretty simple. List of questions (to the north there is a tree. To the east you see a man pushing a wheel barrel. To west you hear the sounds of the ocean) each direction led to another index in the list, etc. so I actually learned to code prior to editors or any kind of visuals/visual aids whatsoever, just words on a black screen.


in the mid/late 90s I spent a lot of time modding gta (the original on Windows back before it released on the first PlayStation). Used to make penis cars or erase the cars so they’re just floating around lol (don’t judge, I was 12). That’s when I got more into visual game developing and started working on games like link to the past, super Mario and ff mystic quest like games


so what... 20 something years and still love developing

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Personally, i was playing Halo Reach, and i was so touched by the storyline...taken on such an emotional journey...that I decided i wanted to re-create this experience for other people.  Try and effect there lives as much as halo reach effected me...I loved it that much... + spent most of my youth playing video games, so i thought...lets do it myself, lets inspire minds and change lives...


5 Years later, loving it. 

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