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Decoding string empty output


hey ive got a problem when i try to restore my original seed from the "shortened" one.


Shortened Seed/Inut is (cant copy/paste the exact string since it uses unicode):



Output sould be: 



The long seed only uses 13 different chars (so i theated it as a base 13 number) and converted it to a higher base to shorten it and get the shortSeed.

(egs. like you would do to convert from binary to octal) 


here is the code: 

Please login or register to see this code.

in debug log i get an completely empty seed and i wonder why that is since i have no clue :(

thanks for your help guys :)


(If any information on how i created the seed etc. is needed feel free to ask and i will provide additional information for better understanding.) 


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I suggest you convert from one character set to another using byte arrays.

character set A string-> byte array -> character set B string

character set B string-> byte array -> character set A string


If one of these character sets is a standard, like unicode, you can use System.Text.Encoding to convert to byte arrays and back.

For your other character set, you'll need to implement converting to and from a byte array yourself. But notice that if the number of characters in your set is a power of 2 (not 13), this is really easy. For example with a character set of 16 characters, every 4 bits in the byte array can be converted to a character (and vice versa).

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