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Failed to set up port forwarding


Hi, I am a newby in developing using unity (and all round newby in programming as well), just learned it a month ago. I have been making this VR and it has always shown the error android adb debug not found. Today, I installed it and that error is no longer there but there is this error showing:


Failed to setup port forwarding. Exit code 1 returned by process: CMD.exe /k adb forward tcp:7003 tcp:7003 & exit
error: unknown host service

  at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.setupPortForwarding (Int32 port) [0x0011d] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:159 
  at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.phoneConnect () [0x00039] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:97 
  at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.phoneEventSocketLoop () [0x00017] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:73 
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarningFormat(String, Object[])
Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket:phoneEventSocketLoop() (at Assets/GoogleVR/Scripts/Controller/Internal/Emulator/EmulatorClientSocket.cs:76)


After setting up adb debug, GVRControllerPointer does not work. The GVREditorEmulator does work though.


can anyone help me?

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It could mean there is already an adb process running. If so, kill the process and try again.

e.g., on unix/mac:


ps -ef | grep "adb"

  502 29222     1   0  4:45pm ??         0:07.69 adb -P 5037 fork-server server --reply-fd 4

  502 34714 60008   0  5:30pm ttys000    0:00.00 grep adb


shows the adb proces is running, so I issue the command to kill it:

 kill -9 29222


listing processes shows it is not there anymore

 ps -ef | grep "adb"

  502 34718 60008   0  5:31pm ttys000    0:00.00 grep adb



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