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Our Start

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I am nostalgic, so... let's talk about our past, when we started with Unity, what did you guys do?(from a (game?), modelling and scripting perspective)

This will be bad to say, but at my start, i had like 9 years when i started with Unity 4(2015) because spanish game developers(who are youtubers, too) said Unity 5 was bad because they changed scripting

I made an "FPS" really bad that you could fire 60 bullets a second thanks to a guy which had a tutorial playlist(ON HOW TO DO A COD-LIKE GAME IN UNITY 10/10 TITLE)

Then i made other bad proyects until i forced myself on learning coding in winter 2017.

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Well, I was a game developer long before unity. But I picked up Unity in version 3 and spent a couple years messing around, learning the ins and outs of the engine (learning it's methods, shaders, etc..) and posting example projects as I learned the engine. I started developing seriously around the time unity 4 came out.


developing games in general on the other hand I started by making text based adventure games on a macintosh that didn't have pictures. After that I got a windows 95 and started building apps and small games. After windows me came out, I started heavy modding and fine tuned my modelling and started building mid sized game engines. Over the years I worked in only my own game engines until I saw some videos of unity and thought I would give it a try. A couple months later I found this forum and have been using it (and my own engines) ever since

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I literally wanted to write a topic about this earlier today. If you are just like me who joined years ago, just go to your profile and click on "See my activity" then go to the last page.

Seeing the beggining of this journey is so cringy but fun at the same time. :P

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