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Watch is searching for help! (Profit share)(FPS Game)

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Welcome to the Watch topic!


What is Watch?

Watch is a FPS game. We focus on ground vehicles and guns, making maps that looks good but also are good for gameplay. Players can level up and get better guns and vehicles. The game will be free but there will be ingame currency.

Who am I?

Am Max, seventeen years old and from Holland. Watch is my soulmate and biggest project in my life. I hope to make a amazing game!


What do you get?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a earnings. But you get a part of the profit from Coins and get ingame stuff and we can help you to be better! You do this to help to make a awesome game and to get better, you should not join if you only do it for money! We want to make a fun and awesome game!

What do we search?

Unity DEV

Unity Terrain Designer

Unity Modeller

Unity Animation maker


Wanna join?

Join or discord: Please login or register to see this link.  or PM me.


There are two kinds of currency, Coins and Credits. Coins can be bought in the store and can players get them by: monthly giveaways, give a helpful bug report or a helpful suggestion!


Pay to win?

NO, we will do our best to never add anything that is pay to win. We also want to balance the different in levels. A player with level 2 should be able to kill a player with level 20. This wont break the game but will make it more fun and fair! With Coins player can buy special guns and vehicles one level above their level.



ranking FFA, FFA, Deathmatch.



The player has two loadouts he can customize. You can select two guns and one vehicle. Also one grenade and later unlock a second grenade. Also can the player equip one melee weapon.



In some game modes the player can spawn vehicles. There is a limit of vehicles in each map. How bigger the map how more vehicles, how smaller how less vehicles.



The player can level up with XP. With higher levels you unlock weapons and vehicles. The max level will first be 25 but later higher when there are more weapons and vehicles.


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What you are asking is quite difficult. None/very few people will work and will get paid in "game currency". Also, be more specific when you say "Unity DEV". Finally, show progress. Show that you actually put in some effort already into the game and are not just letting other people do the work and pay them in "game currency". To me, I see no benefit helping you work on your project. The title of this post is inaccurate, there is not "profit share" from what I understand.

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Please login or register to see this quote.

I'm working on the progress to show, but there are soms errors. I will add it later and they wont be paid in game currency but that is a option + they will get a profit share from the profit we get with ingame currency. Sorry for my bad english.

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Oh, alright. My bad, I misunderstood. But still, I would not work for someone if there is not a guaranteed payment, but that's just me. 

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