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Need help with inventory system

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I need some help with inventory. It would be list that has many panels with each item image, name and amount on it. It should be like every item need little bit of space and you could get more space by equiping backpack It would be like 2 items per row. I am not sure how i make them be placed automaticly on their places ( like slot 1,1 1,2 2,1 2,2 3,1 3,2 ) it should show only items you have (list for every name, space they need, amount, picture, type and id) also it should have filtering system that shows for example material type items when you click at show materials button. I know it might be not simple but it would help a lot if someone tells how it would work.

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Hi, you are asking to make inventory system for you.
Topic moved to Request.

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