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UNITY 2017 | The Last Sniper

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Hello ArmedUnity!


Well Im back to developing shooters. (lol)


This project is for testing my skills and only conzentrating on it. I always start making 5 different project and explode.


So.. here my progress after a few days. Discord link is in the video description.


Singleplayer story based game. (TLS by RedSky Games (my games channel))


Update #1:


Update #2:



Added Fall Damage

Added Leaning

Added Prone

Added LeanAim

Added PostProcessing

Added Weapon Name UI

Added Weapon Pickup

Added Weapon Drop

Improved Vaulting and Climbing

Improved Bullet Script

Improved Weapon Switching

Improved FPSController

Improved Grenade Script

Fixed ProjectSettings (Broke the hole Project)

Fixed Bugs and Error

and more...

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I hope that you will change name of your project :)

I wish you the best developing your project ++

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Well its just a placeholder, and I dont want to name it unnamed again. lol

Edited by MadWolfGames
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Added animated Legs

Added Save and Load (Player Position) (Continue Game, New Game)

Added Main Menu (Settings in progress)

Added Save Zone (Saving only works in a base)

Improved Bullet detection

Improved Performance of some Scripts


Map is currently WIP...

Beginning cutscene is WIP after the map is finished...


Then Update 3 arrives... (With playable demo)


Thank you for the nice comments :)

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