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Hi ArmedUnity,


Im current working on an kit called MadFPMelee.

I always wanted to make a melee and bow combat based game, but I always started to work on shooters, I really dont know why.


This Kit is based on melee combat. Bows, Throwable Knifes, and Throwable Weapon coming soon after.

I will try to add intelligent melee combat AI too.


This Kit will get Weekly or Monthly updated!



I'm releasing an unfinished version of the kit, because I will not support it for a longer time.

And I dont want to let the work go to waste. Put some love into it and it will work great :)


Its a bit buggy at this early state. Have Fun.


File Size:

171.38 MB


Please login or register to see this link.



DIY Release (Unsupported) 0.1


All credits are written down in ReadMe textfile.

Edited by MadWolfGames
DIY Release 0.1
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Good Luck!


I've started on a few meele combat systems, mainly third person. I always get stuck because I can't find any decent animations and I am quite bad at making my own.

The system I am working on at the moment has a bit more potential though. I'm using a few basic animations I've made and heavily modifying them with IK. I'm using PuppetMaster to make them feel more natural and handle the hit reactions.


Keep us posted :)

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Added Troll AI (Collider Damage)

-Has Fov, Distance detection

Added Bow (Self Animated)

Added Boomerang Mode (Throwing


Added Trail effect to Weapons

Added Idle animation

Fixed Throwing Weapons flying through the ground

Fixed Rotation of Throwing Weapons

Fixed Animations

And more...


Video coming soon..

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