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DeepMimic - Future of Animation and AI

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I came across a paper called DeepMimic:

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It's about using Reinforcement Learning ('an area of machine learning inspired by behaviourist psychology, concerned with how software agents ought to take actions in an environment so as to maximize some notion of cumulative reward') to make skeletons move around in smooth ways where they 'mimic' certain animations.


There's a article here about it:

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Eventhough it doens't look that realistic yet, I think it has a huge potential to change the way animation works. Often to get details in animation you'd use motion capture but in the future you might be able to train a ML agent combined with some physics to adapt to the enviroment.


I think it would be great to see this kind of thing in Unity. Seeing as Please login or register to see this link. they might be on track to achieve this in the next few years.


Here are some videos of it:


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