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Random Business Idea

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Hi guys,


There is a business idea i've come up with and i've been thinking about it for a while. I'm just here asking for opinions.


Problem: Indie game studios (and some larger studios) stuggle to find voice actors to read out speech in their games. It takes time to find a person with the right kind of voice, give them all the details, record the sound, and pay them for it. Actually, some studios result to hiring voice actors on sites like Please login or register to see this link. , which can be quite inconvenient.


Solution: A platform with two sides.

Business Side: Game Developers (or video creators / film creators etc) who need a voice actor can sign up and post a 'job' on the website. They can do this through their web browser or directly in a game engine like Unity using an Edtior Window which we would have built. The job contains the price the developer will pay and deadline for the job. Also the required age/gender/language/accent (+ other info) and some sample text for an applicant to read. They recieve a number of applications and can listen to samples of the applicants voice to pick the right one (again potentailly within an Editor Window in Unity). Then they can contact the actor with more details to get what they need and pay them. (We would take a small percentage from the payment)

Voice Actor Side: Ordinary people who want to make some extra money can sign up. Literallly anyone. They get notified when new jobs are posted and can apply. They can take recordings of their voice through the website or download an app onto their phone. If they are successful they can make the required recordings and get paid. All of this can be done anonymously without the company finding out more than their name. They can request their name to be part of the games credits if they want.


Future: I think there is a huge number of areas this could lead to. E.g. Recording face movements and expressions (translated into blendshapes) as well as the voice. It can be expanded much futher than just Unity games.


This is what I plan on creating providing there is enough interest. I have most of the skills required from previous experience. I am tempted to apply to get sponsership somehow. Maybe via a kickstarter campaign or applying to companies like Ubisoft who support start-ups.


At this stage i'm just after opinions and advice. Do you think it could work well?

If anyone is interested in helping I'll consider it providing you have some experience you can show me.



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I agree. I'd have to do a lot of advertising and get people to sign up before the initial release. Might need a blog and some time spent on social media. Maybe allow companies to post jobs before the initial release so there is something for people to apply to straight away.

I'm also considering advertising to students. They might not be able to resist the opportunity to make money with little effort ;).


I still have a couple of concerns though:

1. Microphones people own might not be a good enough quality for a lot of these jobs. Most people will be using their mobile phone to record their voice.

2. I might need a way of removing background noise from the audio but wouldn't want to effect the voice quality by doing this

3. Servers might be expensive. I'd need a domain, SSL certificate, big databases (Lots of users + lots of jobs = big databases), high bandwith (lots of uploading and downloading files), lots of storage, etc. It might pay for itself over time but its a big initial investment. Best bet is probably cloud, Google App Engine is tempting as they have Please login or register to see this link. .


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  1. Are there really that much developers looking for voice actors?
  2. You will have to police the developer & the actor so they would not cut you out of commission, which is almost impossible (even uber fails to fight this problem).
  3. Platforms already exists like linked in & unity connect & other (facebook groups etc).
  4. The pay for the average voice actor isnt that big really, most do it as a side job. The lower the pay the lower your commission, so even if you make money its not that big.
  5. You compete only in a small sector, if unity connect or linked opens separate section specifically for voice actors you get squashed instantly, building whole business on such large fail point would not be smart.
  6. You will spend tens of thousands of dollars to market your site, have you done the math how much paying voice actor deals you need to even to cancel out on marketing?

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Please login or register to see this quote.

Thanks for the advice! Very helpful.

I agree with most of your points.

I'll have to do some more thinking.

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