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Hey y'all,

    I am nobody special. I have had an interest in videogames and the workings of them since I first started making Mario jump and run across the sceen. Recently had the time and motivation to learn some programming and here I am. I am very green, bare with me if I ask bad questions. I do my best to figure out things on my own, and I use google, but I do have the occasional question

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hey and welcome to the forum :)

I and also most other members here have nothing against newbies :P 

As long as you are willing to learn and put some effort into your game I bet that nobody here will hold it against you if you have some questions and i personally are happy to help. 

Also if you are willing to learn -''- im sure you will be able to do some amazing stuff sooner or later, just be patient and keep learning :)


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Pretty face, basical sentence, link... I guess that you are another person or a bot - someone/something who have to share link to promote a site. Or maybe your introduce is just too clumsy...

Create your own thread if you want to introduce yourself to us. However if I am wrong (shame on me) welcome ++

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