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Hi there,


I'm a computer science major and an aspiring game developer who was first introduced to Unity 4.5 in 2014 while studying for an associates in game programming. Since I started, I've been learning from online tutorials and books. Most of my learning was focused on 2D development when I started, but my interests lie in 3D game dev which is the first kind of game I would like to produce (not that I'm against 2D if anyone wants to ask me to join).


My Experience

Put simply, I would call myself an advanced beginner user in Unity. I have experience creating my own basic character controllers (including a 3d flight controller), object pools, a destructible wall generator (it was very taxing on the frame rate), camera scripts, and programming animated characters. I've also played around with Unity's multiplayer setup to create a top down pvp shooter(Unity's setup tutorial).


Aside from that, I have also completed Building an FPS Game with Unity by John P. Doran to create an FPS using the Please login or register to see this link.  camera controller and Please login or register to see this link. after building a level using Please login or register to see this link. . Right now, I'm watching a trading card battle game tutorial on Udemy.com and plan on diving into AI, shader programming, 3D modeling in Blender(I'd use Maya but it's not free), and custom editor creation.


I think that pretty much sums up my journey thus far, and myself in regards to game dev.  I hope to find someone that might wanna team up with me and make a game.


Any thoughts, recommendations, or critique?

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