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Munch Dem Cells -Agar.io Clone

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Price : 15 USD

Version : 1.0 

This asset is a great starting point to develop your own Agar.io type games.An easy way to create the best, innovative and new Agar.io games in Unity! 

- R
andom sprite picture (Selected from list)
- Random Food Colors 
- S
et the Data for Direction and Force via RPC
- Better Food Colliders
- Better Menus
- Implemented grid with unlimited ending for clients
- Implemented room settings
- Implemented room joining via CODE clients get in game by pressing [TAB] then "COPY"
- Better spawning
- Returning with menu IDs
- Added new skins all set to resolution 225,225
- Splitting over network (Splits follow player)

Camera Zoom with the size of the player divided by 3 (/3)
Merging Over network
- Implemented Kicking Players.
- Implemted chat system with client connect and disconnect messages

Implemented login and register system
- Implemented coins to SQL you can now pickup money in game and saves instantly to your account

-Clean and Tidy, Well commented 
-Easy to Customize and make your dream Agar.io Games * 
-Life Time Support for Legal Buyers 

Things Included:- 
 Demo Scenes
- Camera, GamePlay,Network and Player Scripts 
- All  Prefabs 
- Some Materials
- Some Skins

This is not a visual scripting framework! You need to know how to program in C# in order to use and further customize! 

For Support Go Here 
[ http://ebforum.esy.es/ ] 
The illegal download will not receive any support 
. Any project created with an illegal copy of this asset will be reported. 
Showcase Video : 

Please login or register to see this link.
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