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If you remember my first zombies game made with the kit was basically crappy version of call of duty zombies, well now I have made it slightly more fun in my opinion. There are currently only 2 maps, the original Nazi base map which has a new room, new weapons and no longer has the broken mystery box. Some aspects of the map were changed for the purpose of flow and a few glitches were patched as well as new features like auto reload and a low ammo warning. I also added engrams that can drop random weapons from the zombies when you kill them basically like destiny. I also added a few weapons from destiny that you can get as well as a few other weapons from world war 2. Also added in a new perk in the new room. The bosses have a better and higher engram drop rate. The other map is a mixture of borderlands and some destiny aspects, mostly out in the open and only 1 perk in that map. the enemies are not Germans in this map they are borderlands style enemies. also has destiny weapons and the ww2 weapons and boss rounds. but in this map the only way to get new guns is through engrams. Just for fun not any other reason or commercial use at all.


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for more photos go to here and scroll down to previous project:

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I'm not sure what you're talking about. I have multiple other projects and posts/assets entirely unrelated to OMA's fps kit, and yes I do use his kit when ever I make a single player fps game as I'm not a full time game designer this is just a hobby of mine for my free time. I'm a very busy person and it just saves me the time of starting from scratch. Which by the way I have had other projects in the past where I did start from scratch and all my multiplayer fps games I dabbled with were also made from scratch. I just enjoy doing this for fun, it bothers me that you feel better than me or anyone else and felt the need to put someone down for something they enjoy.

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