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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Mod

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So i randomly stumbled on a game review of someone playing a mod called Stalker call of Chernobyl (what confuses me is this is basically a remake of the already existing ScoC its just reworked using the newer game release) and all i can say is WOW

so far id say the best post apocalyptic game I've ever played was the Metro series which id give it a 8 or 9/10

i wouldn't say stalker is better then metro but the game has much more replay value then metro because of its PERFECTED and dynamic sandbox.

unfortunately the game isnt good by itself, and if you dont install a dmg mod ...youll loose your absolute MIND playing since EVERY ENEMY CAN SURVIVE A HEAD-SHOT from a 45 acp OR MORE.

but after installing just that 1 mod it made it the game that i wished metro was.

I'd choose metro over this in a heartbeat...but the game comes SOOOOOOO CLOSE to matching it. if you haven't id recommend trying Metro, the Stalker if anyone is looking for a good example of an immersive post apocalyptic game.


but sadly i would rate stalker 6/10 based on the unmodded version. 

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