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Item Scaling


So im in the process of properly scaling items such as vehicles, boats, and everything was working out good ....UNTIL I IMPORTED A ZEPPELIN...ive done some research and there are files that they can become pretty massive, with absolutely no limitation...but because i made a interior for the zeppelin SO i had to scale it based on the player...and the end result was a zeppelin that was longer then my battleship (WAS the largest unit in my game, 3rd place to the clouds and terrain....) so im just curious if this scaling is even right, should i just scrap the interior for the zeppelin or should i just say "screw it , its a game, have some fun" and leave this thing Huge as it is....

the biggest ship is a Battleship and the smaller ship is a Destroyer.

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to me the scaling looks pretty okay (cant see the actual room for the passengers of the zeppelin tho.)  

zeppelins actually tend to appear massive since they fly using only gas with a smaller desity than air to fly. so just assume you wanted to get in the air using only airballoons those balloons would have to have a massive volume to compensate for your body density (which is much higher than air).


what i was trying to say is: it looks believeable to me :P

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