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Open World Fps Survival game

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Sorry for Bad frame Rate, i'm using a laptop.
Music is from the portal 2 OST:


Most of the assets are place holders, the game is mostly just a concept right now, just wanted some input from you guys.

The game saves your health, inventory, location, level and XP. Which transfers through out the scenes. The game not even near a alpha, input would be appreciated. possible multiplayer similar to destiny style with the inventory system.

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Great stuff, Improvement of the frame rate in the next video will get you more views or followers.  I did enjoy the different locations you can go to and the ability to enter buildings and sewers.  The guns could look a lot batter,  I think the first gun with the futuristic sight, fits better with the setting of the game especially if you have sci-fi enemies like drones.  You should rethink the design of the other guns which look like they belong in a WW1 or WW2 era.  Textures could use a lot of work.  If you using a laptop, optimization is very important for your game.  I suggest you invest in a desktop computer.  Also, add a variety of enemy types to your game.  Overall its good but not great, good luck with your dev.

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