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Hello everyone, 

If it's the first time you see me , My name is Mohammad Nazzal i'm 16 and i'm Unity game developer, I learnt C# , Basic of java...

And Learning in the high-school xD!


Is it Okay you give me your opinion and feedback about my next game ideas ?

1]  Learn cooking ? It's for men and girls! When you're alone at home , no mama.. no cooker :d 

2]  "Criminal Detective" , But i think this is hard for me... working alone on all things (sfx,models,scripts,...etc)



What is the best Idea ? [1 or 2 ] ??

If booth are sh*:dt, Can you help me with ideas :d:d  ?


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Often I thought to myself "this game is just bad" - and it became a hit (when my own projects are still ignored by the community). No one can tell you "you should do that - and you will be famous". Respectfully two lines on our forum, this is really poor to had an idea about the potential of these projects. We need more. I think that the fist idea is not too bad, but this is not a game...

PS : I liked "no mama - no cookies" :)

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I just gave you the Title of the idea not the describing about the idea , Describing coming with more 10  + Lines for now...

Anyway thank you :3 

Edited by Particalister

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Idea [Learn Cooking] :

Title : Learn Cooking

Basic describing :

Learn cooking will help you to get ingredients of the food listed on the game by making the the foods inside the game :

Like : "Egg Cooking" :

Everything will be in 3D . The game will tell you what to do :

First for all you need to get a frying pan -> (~xx50 m/g ) Oil ,wait for 2-3 Minutes , till warming heat , crack the egg and put it on the frying pan , cover the frying pan .... etc!

I will add almost all the breakfast , dinner ... cakes , donuts , Pizzas , bread , Tortilla 

Cookies! yes cookies :d I think with this game you don't need your mama helps xD

something like da!

You will be a cooker when you are alone ..

I know people can get the ingredients from google , but this idea comes with 3d + step by step


This game especially for Gamers! , some of the gamers eat delivery food , because they have no idea how to make food, the other don't buy delivery foods , so while they playing they say : Oh my god I'm hungry  i need to see if there's something i have to eat before the round start...


Question : Do our community need a game/learner like this idea ? 



Idea [Criminal Detective] :

Title : Criminal Detective

Basic describing :

for now there's no describing ..


Edited by Particalister

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