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Need a Game Designer

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HEy,I (Behalf of Electronic Brain) need a game designer  for Make a story based racing game.Who will help us to make gameplay(not Main Work Like making car),Just help to make gameplay.

We will also support him.

If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your pricing.

And if you think you will help us for free,it will be grateful.

{Sorry For my english.Im suck at english.}



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a game designer is not a programmer, 3d artist or any other variation. It is it's own job role. It is a pre-production role and they are usually in charge of 'designing' gameplay mechanics, the story (not script), props, character development etc which is usually in a written form presented in a GDD. it is VERY unusual to see a role of game designer in an indie studio though... same as HR, PR, Writers are all usually merged into one or more other peoples job roles to save money (why pay 4 people £30,000 each when you can pay one) 


a game DEVELOPER on the other hand is a production role (although the title developer is most closely associated with a programmer, a game developer is anyone who works on the production of a game from audio engineers, artists to programmers, the only exception is a voice actor as they are more closely detailed as such due to the specific nature of their role. 


but I agree this post is way to generic in what they are asking for :P

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