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Looking for a small team [Puzzle/adventure game]

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Hello everyone.

I have been silent recently mostly because I was working, now that I am unemployed I have all the time to continue working on my project.

I am 21 years old, from a small country in central Europe. Finished high school for electric engineering, and bailed on a college because it was waste of money and time.


Anyway I hit a roadblock. I cannot do everything by myself. I did come up with a story, which for everyone who is interested will be fully explained. Gameplay is not there yet, I am struggling to make it work.

Graphics should not be a problem, that's the last thing I would worry about. But in short I am working on a first person game, which is not a shooter, but it's an puzzle game (i.e Talos Principle).

Backstory is 3 pages long for now, which does not even include actual events of the game.

Art style would be minimal without heavy use of textures (maybe here and there just for normal maps). It will rely solely on flat colors and lighting.


My previous work is kinda slim. I did work on games before, none of them saw the light as I thought they were not as good. I did make visualizer in unity that loads mp3 files from folder that you specify and plays them

in functioning music player with visualizer (pic related)

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For this particular project I do not have progress, but I am here to make one. Who I am looking for is:

  • 3D artist who can work on interior and exterior design (and that can unwrap UI maps)
  • 2D artist for concept art
  • Adult male/female voice actor (i'm lucky if anyone turns up)


My role in this: Storywriting, C# programming, level design and music. So if you can fulfill any of those that I don't have to do them, I'd be happy to accept you.

If you cannot do any of those but believe you can help with the project, feel free to contact me. I can probably arrange something.



Payment: Sadly, I have to tell you that this would be voluntary work. I in no means can promise you success of this project and payment.


So if you are interested, send me a PM.



Q: Will this be free when it comes out?

A: Most likely


Q: Is this going to have multiplayer?

A: No, never.


Q: Steam store?

A: Only if Gaben smiles upon us.

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