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3D Stealth Game - Level Designer Wanted

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Hello, this is a job advertisement post for a level designer!


About us

We're a small team of game developers currently working on a game called Nick o' Time. We're part of a bigger organization named Drixy Studios, which is currently working on 3 other games as well. Drixy Studios has designed multiple previous games, including Pongo which sold over 40,000 copies


About the game

Nick O' Time is a game about a time manipulating genius called Nick.  As a child Nick never received presents from his family, due to his parents’ very low income.

This led to Nick becoming a toy thief.  Using Nick's time manipulating devices you must sneak past guards and cameras to steal rare toys from toy shops for your personal collection.

Nick o’ Time is a 3D stealth based game, which has a bird-point of view camera. It uses the Unity (5.3) engine.

As of now, the game mechanics are almost complete. All that's left is planning and buildings levels and making some edits here and there to make it all look great.

What we're looking for

Currently we're looking for a level designer who is willing to help us come up with great level ideas and plans.

While working as a level designer you'll be in charge of:

•         Creating fun level plans which use the game mechanics efficiently.

•         Placing assets in appropriate places, such as decorations, objectives and hazards.

•         Providing interesting game ideas.

•         Working with the audio team and integrating the audio with the game.

•         Creating unique puzzles.

•         Keeping up to date with the workload and communicating with the team regularly.

•         Doing the lighting for the game.


Desired Requirements

•         Proven experience of using the Unity(5+) engine.

•         Above-average Unity lighting skills.

•         Ability to follow directions and work independently to complete assigned tasks.

•         Team work capabilities.

•         An understandable level of the English language.



Payment Method

You will receive payments based on revenue shares.


Contact us

If you're interested about the position you can contact us in this email: ermal@drixygames.net

Thank you for your time!




Drixy Studios.

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