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Agar.io Kit Download Free Photon

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Hello guys today I came to bring an inspiration a project that maybe I put for download as a kit.
I hope you enjoy   :-BD   Thaks!
maybe he already come up with web site ready for play on web player.
I Am A Programmer
C #
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Photon Network

Fur according to the nick

Simple Movement

5 Skins




Kill Enemy And Add More Mass




                                                                                  ......::::::[Main Menu]::::::......











                                                                                  ......::::::[in Game]::::::......



















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I would not recommend photon unity networking as a agar.io clone. PUN(you should refer to it as PUN as photon runs many networking services and PUN is short form for Photon Unity Networking) is expensive as hell for cloud services and if you are not using these to the maximum potential then you should try a networking that is maybe not as complex as photon, Just simple I/O. I do know you can host your own servers with PUN but that is still expensive for a license. Do what you wish, but i would switch before you get too far into development.


Note that agar.io has over 70k players in the same region (might be on a few different servers, but you get the point), if you have anywhere near that number. Lets just say 10k people try your game then that would be $1850 for 1 month and $22200 for a year! Thats more then some people make with a decent job!!

Also the photon cloud servers only support 10k people on a cloud server.


Anyways if you host your own then that would be Aprox. $175 for license and about Aprox. $1k (This is for alot of players) for server hosting for 1 month, which in this case is cheaper but still expensive, if you buy the license for 1-time fee that is $3,500 and $1k per month which is just still as expensive. 


Your choice, if you are just making this a kit then anyone who thinks that this can go big is making a bad mistake.

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I like the response to that huge post.

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photon equates to less than $1 per user, if you have 70k users a day I HIGHLY DOUBT your worried about paying $1850 a month... Its very cheap and comes fully managed with hosting integrated, good value for money and as competitive as any other tbh, your still going to incur sky high hosting costs unless you host your own but supporting 70k ccu? that would require your own micro data centre (also not cheap..) 

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 :-BD   cool for beginners like me thanks THERE IS MEDIAFIRE LINK 

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