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When The Night Falls

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Hey Guys Remember when I was developing Left Alone? Well I am now in development of it again But the name has been changed along with the story line,


Why did you stop Left Alone?

Short Answer: My laptop that I had was a piece of crap..



Why are you in development again, Why did the name change?

I changed the name to When The Night Falls because it goes better with the story line of my game

I am also back into developing games because I now have a new computer, Instead of another laptop I chose

a desktop so I can upgrade when needed but I don't think an upgrade will be needed for a while.  



Whats the game about?

Your name is Jake and your a biologist trying to find new organisms plants/animals. Your job sends you in a mysterious forest that they have no clue what is in it or how to get out they just know it has not yet been discovered, You are one of their best biologist so they put you in it. Once in the forest night arrives you hear these strange sounds around your tent, You don't bother to go check but when you wake up you find yourself in a cave and lost in a forest trying to solve puzzles/mysteries on the mysteries    

When it will be finished?
This is TBD (To Be Decided)  I have no idea how fast I will get this done, it depends if i am ever going to get modelers,coders other than that i am fine,

I also am trying to take as much time as i can to get this good looking and nice.


Will this be released on steam?

When I decide to Kick start this project I am hoping to put it on steam if it is successful,

But I also need to be green lit so that encounters another problem. 

When will we have a Playable Alpha version?
That is also TBD (To Be Decided) 
When we can have our hands on Demo?
The Demo date is TBD (To Be Decided) Depending on how much we get created hopefully we can receive donations to speed up development process.
What my goal?
To achieve AAA quality gaming experience that no other player has ever had in a horror game.


Can I suggest things that I wanna see in the game?

of course!!! I would love if you comment below suggesting things that you wanna see in the game

The Team:

ectwc112211 (aka- Frank) 
Lead Developer,Level designer


Game Page:


Throw this page a like!!!! 


Please login or register to see this link.



Update #1 Main Menu



So I have been working on this game here is what I have come up with. the main menu It is defiantly a WIP (Work In Progress)

some of the objects in the scene that you see are just placeholders for now because I am not to worried about the main menu at the moment although it 

will have updates 

-known bugs
-Settings button does not work.
Update #2 What to expect 
In update #2 you should expect a some screen shots of the game.

and maybe some models. 


Please give me Feedback Comment down below  :) 

Also make sure you follow the topic for future updates!  :) 

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The animations seem to me too fast - something similar with an angry robot.
Overall it's good ++


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can you slow down time on menu, i think fire animation kinda same speed. I think having it 1/2 slow motion is better

Edited by maha25

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slightly slower animation, larger title and maybe the fire moved towards the front a little more so it can pop a little better.  then a crackling sound for it too would make it stand out sweet. puzzle wise god of war style would be awesome compared to the dead island style that people usually go for

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