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Recruiting 4 iOS 2D Game {Non-Profit}

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Hey guys my names "Monsta" and im going to be making an Online Multiplayer iOS game for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This game will be an open world zombie survival game, throughout the game you will have to find Food, Armor, and Weapons to survive. Players will be able to find other players and there will be cars for transportation. I want to create this game because I personally think it will be huge. There are no other 2D Zombie Multiplayer Open world games in the App store right now so I want to be the first to make it happen.


I am looking for people that can work for free.(No-Pay)

This is what ill be looking for:


- Programmer

- Audio Design (Music)

- Audio Design(Effects)

- 2D Design/GFX Design


If you would like to help and you know how to do one of those in the list above you can add me on Skype or send me a PM.


Skype: EsoMyEgo



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I take it you'll just be telling everyone what to do? Time and time again I see people seeking developers bc they have an "idea". If have any skills, develop a prototype first before recruiting. If your just the idea behind it, good luck on recruiting anyone for free, especially when in the end, you'll be collecting money while the people that worked there ***es off get nothing. Ideas are not a skill, everyone's got them

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There is a great tutorial on a top down zombie shooter made before unity released their 2D tools. You should check it out. Also don't be too naive on creating the biggest project ever... It takes time and dedication to complete a project, there will be ups and downs, but never give up! ;)

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