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Hello from Denmark

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I just found this forum today.

I'm a software developer from Denmark with a B.Sc in software and my dayjob is C#/.Net programming, which I've been doing for almost 10 years now - I used to program in Java.


Back in the Java days I was working on game programming - did the obligatory Tetris clone, then started on a mud engine before I got tired of that and moved on to graphical games, trying to create an isometric graphical mud / mmorpg.

Since then I kinda stopped programming as a hobby because I became a father but now I'm taking up the glove again and I'm set on using Unity. What really sold me on that engine was the possibility to program in C# and the fact that several commercial titles are being developed in Unity.


So... The dream of creating a multiplayer rpg lives on, and with a little help from the asset store I think it should be possible to create a pretty playable prototype.


I actually had a name for the game "Orders of Chaos" or "OOC" but I never got around to registering a domain (doh) and now it's taken;p


So far I'm mostly following the book Unity 3.x Essentials but I'm almost finished so soon I expect to be able to get started.


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Welcome! And i m from denmark too, so if you need some help feel free to ask! :)

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hey ! welcome brother its plesure to meet some experinced programmer,,

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