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Using MMMPFPSK? Here you can find help!

  1. What's new in this team
  2. If you have any questions/suggestions, just tell me!
  3. @jony12 what are you doing here? If you have a request, create your own thread ++
  4. https://github.com/Microsoft/xbox-live-unity-plugin/
  5. Well. And just now I understand that you have an asset on store. How I missed that?
  6. Hello I apologize for my bad English. Can anybody help me integrate Xbox Live Login.
  7. It is a module, the base is: "Kit_InputManagerBase" and the default one is "Kit_DefaultInputManager".
  8. oh, apparently i have almost there but the one thing which is making me stuck is where do i write the input control code. i mean in which script the input control is implemented i really want to switch from desktop to mobile. if you guide me through it, will be helpful and time saving for me
  9. Unfortuantely, I haven't looked into mobile development at all yet.
  10. hey, i want to integrate mobile controls in it, Any clue or you have done this before ?
  11. Hello, everyone! I present to you: Update New Features: Battlechat Leveling Unlocking FPV2 integration
  12. Have you been wanting to buy MMMPFPSK but in the Unity Asset Store? Today the wait is over! Check it out here
  13. yes. 1024mb is way too much for this game. 256Mb should be enough. Look in profiler.
  14. That's really odd, are you on a 32 bit browser? Anyway, build is about 32mb in size and I set the memory to 1024mb, seems like thats too much for some other setups. I'll make one with less.
  15. To me chrome can't allocate enough memory, and Mozilla crashes when i press on "Loadout", or when i spawn in game. What is your "WebGL Memory Size" in player settings? and build size?
  16. Do you want to try MMMPFPSK before you buy? Wait no longer, try it out in WebGL now: http://314arts.com/projects/mmmpfpsk/
  17. You will receive all further updates for free. Make sure to check out the newest vids tho
  18. If I buy this kit do I get updates with it or am i stuck with the version I buy?
  19. Hello, everyone! I present to you: Post Release Update #2 New Features: Fully animated first person weapons Walk Tilt Fall Down Effect Mecanim controlled run animation Loading Screen Progress Bar Camera Animation Support WebGL Support Get it here: https://sellfy.com/p/QBYx/
  20. You can find the fall damage values in "GenericBootsOnGround" and for the guns you find those in "<Gun Name> Behaviour" in the project, in the "GameInformation" folder.
  21. First of all Great Asset! I have a question, where do I find the float value for the fall damage? (ie. Where is the script that has the value for "dmg" for fall damage?) Also does the guns specify the "dmg" value for the player was shot damage? Or is this float value also specified in another script? THANKS!!
  22. The next update of MMMPFPSK will contain fully animated weapons. Here is a quick preview:
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