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Found 9 results

  1. We are looking for an artist who is capable of designing mobile game assets 2D and 3D. The 2D will be full game UI's, ranging from icons to ingame ui. The 3D will be designing new levels and maps for mobile games. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your portfolio and pricing. Regards
  2. Hey everyone i have been working on my portfolio from last few months and its still in W.I.P ,but i have a job interview on Monday ,so i thought to share my work and get some feedback from forums This a WIP highpoly zbrush render
  3. These are just a few screenshots of a scene Im am working on,after Unity 5 was released i decided i would try make some scenes instead of trying to write code.This scene will have a 1000x1000 island,surrounded by water, with buildings,vegetation,rocks,particle systems and many other things.The player will be able (it is already able) to interact with the water (throw rocks in it and water will splash,or walk in it),to pick up/drag objects (rocks,crates and other small objects) and to interact with almost everything he can move,for example he needs to get to the other side but he cant because the water is too deep,so he drags the boat near him,and from here he will need to carefully drive it to the other side (hitting rocks will sink the boat).He will also be able to pick up and read notes (from a dead body for example),to light a fire,to destroy a crate and to build his own base.I know this sounds like a survival game,but it's not,I am going to release it for free for anyone who could use it.Note that most of the things will be based on physics.Here are a few screenshots of what I got so far (I haven't done alot because i was testing the scripts).
  4. Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Marten Palu and I run a game development company named Gamecan. We are an international team with ~20 team members. We have been working on a project for over 6 months now and we are close to Alpha release. There is also a contract signed with Microsoft which means the game will be published no matter what. Right now we are seeking for someone with good animation skills that would like to join us. All the Mocap animations have been recorded and exported from Mocap. We are talking about a large scale Sci-Fi First Person Shooter. For further information, please PM or comment on this topic. Here is something from our game: Thank You! Marten Palu Project Leader Gamecan
  5. Hello everyone, i am making a new FPS game just like most Unity3D Developers, i need someone who is farily experienced in modeling. The great thing is that you can do ti in your spare time, you can take a month just to model a gun, it doesnt matter to me, aslong as i know it will be done (be reasonable with time given) If you want to see where im at with making my game, check out my youtube channel "jumboproductionsunity" Please, anyone who is willing to make a few models for me, i will gladly accept them into my team. Thank-You -Arcanine
  6. i want to work for any fps game or multiplayer except sifi ...or adventure game like last of us skills- level designer animator(not rigger) modeler graphic designer editor(video)can create trailers animation- modeling- level design -my biggest skill but didn't have any screenshot.. payment -can or can not i will decide later
  7. (I have no idea if this has been posted because my searching skill suxx ) So anyway, as the title says: What game company would you love to work with and why? I would love to work with DICE because they´re Swedish just like me and it´s my dream to work at their place and work on the Battlefield series and Mirror´s Edge (if there are any other than two). <3 Now, tell me yours
  8. Hello everybody, teamlight need a programmer for an Horror game like Slender but with another cool creepy monster The game since 10 month ago work every single day at today. This is the product for now: \//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \/////// //////////\///////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you're a programmer and you like the project, we need you to continue this cool horror game, we need really simple script now. My skype: leonecaramanica or Facebook (GamePage): Work = 95%
  9. Hello I want to work with a group of over dedicated people who will make my life easy The game I would love to develop is a fallout 3 style game no real details on it the game may be sold depending on the qaultiy and the revenue will be split evenly I do not care how good you are or how much experience you have as long as you want to work with on this game key things which will be part of the game are textures guns with animations city with buildings many fully interactible quest script dialog script music urban assets To join just ask and tell me what you can contribute to the game I really want the whole community a part of this game also you can just help out once if you want no real commitment required Check in with me I'll have more info