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Found 16 results

  1. Third update with major improvements including sound, environment, speedometer, and more! This post includes screenshots and video. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/r9XJVjS
  2. Hey guys! I was working on this project for some while, changed directions for the project a lot. Kinda like the new style i'm going at. Here's a teaser of the project, hope you like it! As i am lazy to make my models i used Synty's awesome models for the project, found them most suitable! Here are some screen shots of the teaser : At the end of the post is the video link. Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aQFMv3mxns
  3. So, you may have seen my crappy fps before, but now I made an even better one! I deleted a whole bunch of random things on my drive to make space, and that old fps was one of them. Not much to look at for right now, I have been trying to get the basics down. There is crouching, better jumping, good footstep sounds, fully working AKM, attachment system ( I don't have any models yet), etc. So here are some screenshots! Probably going to replace the arms, and there is no Post-Processing yet. I don't know how to work blender to well, but the arms are mine! Still, I think it looks ok so far
  4. TRCGamez


  5. zombieqtr

    Project AAA

    Hello there guys, so I decided that I would fully dedicate myself and my budget towards creating a scene that looks top notch and realistic, Im really trying to push(hardware:D) unity's potential as much as possible. So here are some update notes. THANK YOU!: This is a thank you to all asset developers and developers that have helped me work on this project, this defiantly would not have been possible on my own! GOAL: My goal is to push unity as much as possible, please reminded this is not a game, just experimentation and a learning process I am NOT trying to sell this project, or game. VERSION V0.098 Update log: 1. Finally!, volumetric fog. 2. Volumetric lighting by HX. 3. New custom shader by UEBR for deferred rendering. 4. Screen space shadows and reflections. 5. Scene has been brought to life with the addition of light behavior and audio. 6. Advanced audio blending to control reverb and volume when in and outside buildings to stimulate real life audio sense. Screenshots: New weapons on the way with the help of the folks from Iron belly studios(hired), Awesome folks! MODELS BY CHAMFER ZONE
  6. [Google Translate Detected!] Hello! I'm making a game of driving a trolley. I'm trying to make this game realistic, so in this game there will be a simulation of real electrical circuits of the post-Soviet transport. Just below you can see the screenshots \ [Belarussian trolleybus BKM 32100D] [BKM 32100D and soviet trolleybus ZIU 682G] Also i have a modeller))
  7. Hey there guys... I was secretly working on some assets for my new project, a smaaaall project indeed. FOR MOBILE PHONES XD I named this thingy "GHOST" and sculpted it in Blender, but as you can see my sculpting as well as my textures doesn't feel good. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest some better colors for this guy. Only texturing is left... So Anyone ? and Will use it for a mobile game. POLY COUNT IS 2542 tris only..... Regards Shaqs Aki
  8. Hello Fellow Developers! I am here to present my first Project to showcase on this website. I have been working on this multiplayer game for about 2 years now. I have been releasing it in stages of betas. (Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3, etc) Every beta included big updates to the game. Currently, Flashpoint Beta 5 is in development. It has been in development for 5 months (making it the biggest Flashpoint Update so far. ) Flashpoint Beta 5 is about to be released on it's website July 9th. However, I plan to open up a public testing program EXCLUSIVELY on this website. For those that are wondering what Flashpoint has to offer, Flashpoint has 4 classes, 4 maps, Helicopters and JetFighters, a Loadout System, Minimaps, Chat, and much more. Flashpoint Beta 5 GM will be released July 9th, 2015. The public testing program will roll out in 3 days from now. If you would like to get your copy, and sign up for future Beta updates, comment below your email and Name(an alias is fine) if you have any questions, please contact [ beismoney@aol.com ] (If you do not feel comfortable putting your email in the comments, send me an email with the subject "Flashpoint Testing" to get the same results. ) Thanks for your attention, and I hope you all enjoy playing Flashpoint Beta.
  9. 4Echo

    Spectre M4

    Reworked my material definition for these old textures, model + bakes done my RedRogueXIII. It's still a WIP though, some of the rust/dirt is too strong and undefined 3d Preview https://skfb.ly/CMJP Edit: - added a third render showing the silencer I also forgot to tell you that no generators (dDO, sub. painter) were used to texture this. The textures that you see were made with the teqnique of photosourcing.
  10. Excavator (WIP) any corrections
  11. hi all! a little demo of my free hacking project. *comming soon You have to hack the computer with your "hackTool" to open the door. The script is semiflexible... i work on this to made it super simple and flexible... it why i dont post the free asset for now. Stay tune! be cool am not a pro HERE: www.samuelts.netii.net/web.html Hacking give you xp and each level your HackingTool upgrade to be faster. *For test press "x" to give you XP
  12. Hi, I am currently working on a project called Duty of Honor planning to rename it to Unicry Which of them is better Its and adventure FPS game (impressed by Farcry and COD MW) featuring Features Plannig to Add advanced AI ( still working on it) Dynamic Reflection (Completed ), Weapon recoil, ( working for now ) Parkour System (Not started ), Enemy Take Down System (Plannig to Add), These are Features i am planning to add for AI -> Idle -Talk with a friend (Done) -Do reapairing or any other jobs(Fishing,Lumbering) - if near a vehicle climb it and take it for ride() - Patrol (Done) ->Suspecious (if hears some strange noise may be gunfire) -Go and investigate -Found player then attack (Done) - Found a dead body then notify others and search - If not found anything then speak a covering sentence(eg "may be a squirell ,Hm") -> Alert - If enemy is Aggressive then move close to player by hiding(move from one hide pos to another - if enemy is not so aggresive then he shall flank from one and move from cover to cover around the player (Done) - if enemy is near an Mounted Weapon or a car then use it - if Team Leader avaliabe then follow his commands to kill player and his freinds SHOULD I ADD GENETIC ALGORITHM Do you guys think its worth to add programming and time. ( ) Here most of the Behavior uses Node based Tatical Pathfinding (Done) to move through the safest path when searching or to fire at player Here is a demo of the tool developed for this purpose The Node Based Tatical Path Finding uses Dijkstras algorithm (Ingenious of him). -- >Added Efficient Damage System. -->Now working on a bit complex visibility system So what do you guys think do you think should i add or remove something please do help me in this And i am going to release a pre alpha test in a while(may be 3 months from now as I have exams coming up after which i shall continue and i suck when it comes to texturing and skinnig literally take upto 4 hours) But i do have a really old Standalone build(built about 3 -4 months ago ) the project has not been touched until now (Exams and tests,working on models) If you guys like i will upload it please do give any feedback you like,any corrections, Sorry If i talk too much (I.ll remeber to talk rell;y less next time) Here http://youtu.be/HLkwnNtrXrA is an video of my old scene it hasnt been touched in while so it has a few bugs THANK YOU.
  13. danielvd

    Dark Plague

    Dark Plague It has been a while since I last posted anything on this showcase. Thought I would post an update on the project's status and what I've accomplished this far. Note: I barely have time to work on this project (This includes learning what I've learned so far and applying it on the project). How updates will be posted from now on: Expected features: Download and file handling information: Please note:
  14. This is a game i been working on tell me what u think this is not made all by me this is also made by BlackStorm as well thanks for the feed back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u68Y3HvhF2k&feature=youtu.be
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-W8Vrpb1is Here's a quick look at what I'm working on for the my unity developer comrades. It's a drag and drop AI system, it basically will be a unity package file with some assets and AI prefabs that go straight into your game with very little effort. The AI isn't that advanced yet, but it will be worked on as I develop my game. Here's our team's website, check it out every now and then as I will sometimes release stuff here. The web page also has a list of features that we are working on. Please give me suggestions, constructive criticism and/or hate. http://ikame666.wix.com/evildeathnightmare#!dragdrop-ai/c13br
  16. Hello people, I made a simple multiplayer FPS project that really sucks... but here is a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mpn00f39auepp8a (77.42 mb). If the download doesn't work, i'm new to this so help me out. Here's a web player too. UPDATED: Pause Menu in Game (Press escape), Gas Mask (press g), and a crosshair (a really sucky one lol)
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