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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Armed Unity members! After we, Y8.com, were and still are actively working with Unity WebGL games for more than 4 years, I am glad to inform you about an upcoming feature from our end. For quite few months now we had a small and closed beta circle of game partnership of various technologies (unity webgl, html5, pluginfree engines etc..) and in the upcoming month or two, we will publicly introduce our plan and chance to additionally monetize your online games. In case this topic is in the wrong section, I apologize as I couldn't find a more appropriate one. Back on topic, what we offer is: - Adsense Ads - 50% of in-game video ads - 10-40% of content page ads - API tools for online features - QA testing What we need: - long-term relationship with quality individuals or teams - quality games - online versions, leaving the standalone or mobile for your own plans and releases What is worked on - a custom dashboard where any developer can see stats for his/her games, in bulk or individual - simplified API guide documentation - new features and better support for all current and upcoming partners The given example of ecmp $1-3 is mostly for all types of accepted games, although I can verify that the games which have highest ecpm are 3D based, from which the 3D First Person Shooters are always around the top performer. This doesn't mean that hits like 2D physics won't have good results as well. Feel free to use the contact form at Y8 website, or directly write in here or in PM and we'll move onto the next process. If you have any questions, do let me know! Looking forward playing your games! Zoki.
  2. Hello to all, We are interested in licensing (exclusive or non-exclusive) games which are done in Unity5, as Webgl games. In case you are able to have created games in older unity version, and you are able to port it to Unity5, but don't have the required license, we might help you with that in case the game is high quality work. Providing samples are required, or playable version of your current work in progress. Games which aren't viral, are prior. I represent Y8.com and Network. I'll check this forum quite often for the next few days/weeks, so feel free to write me a PM or leave a reply here. Thanks, Zoki.
  3. Hi ArmedUnity members! I'm glad to inform you, and showcase our 25 WebGL Games which are currently live at Y8.com website! With WebGL game development we started 2-3 months ago, and now, we have released these cool webgl games There are still some problems, but we strive to resolve them, as we work on more webgl games in background. Starting with the sound problems in the early days of Unity 5 beta, for webgl games of course, overcoming the control keys behavior in most of the popular browsers, we (and our precious developers who work with us) have resolved most of the problems we run across to. So without any further delay, here are just few WebGL Games, from our webgl portfolio 1. Slope WebGL Game Slope around in this fast-paced 3D maze webgl game! (play slope webgl game at y8.com) 2. Burning Ball WebGL Game Control the paddle in this brick smashing, Arkanoid webgl game! (play burning ball 3d webgl game at y8.com) 3. Bend the Snake Eat green beans and bend the snake for as long as possible. (play bend the snake webgl game at y8.com) 4. Grandpa Run 3D WebGL Game Run, Grandpa, Run! (play grandpa run 3d webgl game at y8.com) In case you are interested in uploading webgl game at Y8.com, i mean, publishing it by Y8.com or being bought, or published as your own, feel free to contact me. Thanks for making great games, and for your time reading this Cheers, Zoki.
  4. Hi, So I was just going through the Unity 5 Features and stumbled upon webgl Feature in unity 5 when deploying to web. Does this mean that If we build a web based output, No mater what the platform is, it will run on a browser that supports WEBGL?? This means that No more plugins needed for unity games for the most part? and you have the freedom to deploy your game on web and just send others a link to access it??
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