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Found 31 results

  1. I want to get into development back again, I don't want to get any of my games into the market. But I still have this question: Do you really need to pay or at least, talk to the weapon manufacturer so they allow you to put their trademarked weapons into your commercial game? For example, i've made an HK Usp 45. for a paid game, so the producer, or any developer of the team has to contact HK so they allow the team to share the game without any possible lawsuit? I have this question because you have to do this for licensed cars(Toyota doesn't want to appear in games anymore, so no more Toyotas in games) and since cars are trademarked, weapons too.
  2. Hi everyone, I am stuck with a problem or better say if my approach will be good or not. So I am developing an fps shooter (learning to create ). I have got a component based weapon system inspired by Mick Boere https://mickboereportfolio.com/dynamic-weapon-system/. Now I'm adding a reloading component to my system and want to make it so that it fits any weapon type for example if you have a normal assault rifle it would just reload whole magazine, if you have shotgun then you reload one by one every shell like in counter strike. So what my thinking is to create an enum which will hold ReloadType { Magazine, Shotgun }. And inside reload function check the type and do calculation based off that. My question is it good approach or is there more flexible (better) way of achieving this ? Thanx P.S sry for my broke english .
  3. Hi, so I've been modeling for a few years now and I thought why not share some of my models. Now, some of these are models that I'm pretty proud of, so with that said, I would appreciate it if you give me some credit although you are NOT required to give me any credit. Instead I would ask you to check out my sketchfab where you can find even more totally free models. Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/gomnosano Here are the models: Free Models.rar Screenshots of each model:
  4. Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my english. Recently I have started creating an fps shooter game. Till now I have got a pretty good weapon handling, damaging system, but I don't know how to handle the 3rd person view (enemy view). Now I have got only an animated fps weapon with arms only, but how to make so that you can view other players full body ? And how do you sync your first person animations with third person view ?. I want exactly the counter strikes mechanics. Any suggestions ?
  5. Hello everyone i want to tell you that if you need 3d models like weapons, attachments, .etc i think i can help you. I have an account on TurboSquid where i upload my 3d Models some of them are paid but i have free ones too. Also if you need any model for your game or project i will be glad to help you with my current models and i can make you specific models if you need. (only for serius games and projects that have future) The basic models (lowpoly) are free, the only paid models i do are complex ones, but most of them are free. Here is the link for Turbosquid : http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/AndrijaAlp And down you can see some free models that i'm offering.
  6. OKay So back with a new model ! I am practicing hard surface modeling and currently working on this sniper ! Model Info- Objects | Polycounts | Current Tex-res Rifle - _2482 tris 4k Scope - _1540 tris 2k Magazine - _400 tris 1k Muzzle Break - _492 tris 1k Suppressor - _192 tris 1k One question ! >>> Can I use this gun for a mobile game ? ( I know that current texture resolution is very high for a mobile game but I will reduce it ) Thanks for reading... UPDATE: Only Details left ( Scratches and stuff ) regards
  7. Someone(A team of people) please help me with my fps game. I need arm models, guns, maps, sounds, and other things. *DISCLAIMER* I can not pay for anyone to help me. Sorry:( But, free help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Futuristic Sniper Rifle [ PBR Ready ] - $2 Shotgun & Attachments - $2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GET THEM ON ASSETSTORE NOW ONLY FOR $2 !!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Regards Shaqs Aki
  9. Taking request all you have to do is PM me with the weapon name (image references optional) you want me to model my prices are usual 10 bucks for all. It depends on the model. If its simple i might just price it for 3-5 dollars. this is a simple model but i dont have to rest of the guns rendered when i render that ill post : ) So i can show my work
  10. Hey Community, I have some arms, and some weapons, and I wanted to know to to animate both in 3DStudio Max 2016. So far, I have this, but I know I can't animate without "IK or a biped Rig"(themars2011). How can I set it up, and successfully animate these arms? I'm a novice animator, but I know how to "animate" in 3dsmax, but just don't know how to set up my objects for realism. All help would be appreciated, and please, don't reply with "search google". I've spent many hours, without understanding how this works.
  11. Hello everyone!, here is a link to a video of a weapon system i am working on that is still a work in progress, i am looking for feedback mainly for the recoil and kick, i need your feedback to adjust it for maximum realism. Thanks in advance!, Kind Regards: Hamad Almannai Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmmhNRT67Js&feature=youtu.be
  12. HI Today I came to bring a pack of 3d models of Battlefield 3 hope you like it Download Link: *link removed*
  13. Hey Guys, This is an Auto loading Shotgun model. Just Finished textures... ( If you like this and want to use in your project ( Comm or Non Comm ) I would like to share it with you) Contact me if you want it... Some Screen Shots Unity 4 Renderer ( It looks alot better in unity 5 ) Model Info - Tris = 2068 Textures = 1 Normal Map, and Hand Painted Diffuse and Specualr Map ( 1024*1024 ) Contact Info - PM me on AU, or mail me @ Shaqs.Aki@gmail.com Thanks for your time... Regards
  14. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone how to add your own weapons in the fps kit 2. The reason I'm asking is because I have some weapons I added but I want to be able to use them with the other one. Please write back.
  15. Hey guys!, i've been trying to solve a problem i stumbled upon and i know for sure armedunity folks hav encountered this in their proyects, So let's get started! Ill go straight to the problem, what i need to achieve, and then how my system works (kindda like the awefulmedia inv sys.) + pickup, equip.... [i m not asking for complete code i am just asking if any of u can just tell me how everyone does this usually, EVERY multiplayer game with items and guns should have some sort of a system that can actually keep persistent information inside Items...] right? The Problem / Situation that is happening and need to fix: You pick a gun with 5 bullets inside, you equip it and shoot 5 bullets, then you drop it and the gun still have the 5 bullets (witch is the default) You have a gun in your inventory with 10 bullets, you pick up from the floor the same type of gun (same prefab , same everything) that has 4 bullets, now both in your inventory hav 4 bullets Each time you switch/switch out your gun u start having all the bullets again Goal: I need to be able to save/update inside each object/item information like Current Ammo Count, Attachments, EVEN if more than one of the SAME object exists inside the inventory. You pick a gun from the floor, you have it now on your inventory, you equip it, you shoot with it till theres no more bullets, then you drop it again to the floor. If someone else/yourself pick that gun, there should be none bullets left on it. I know you guys know how to do this, but i just cant figure it out... what am doing is i have TWO prefabs, one for the items on the floor that have an id, then when you pick them up you use that id to choose from the item database the correct item and add it to an inventory list of items , then if you choose one of those items on the inventory i find the other prefab (already selected as an prefab at the item database ) thats is the correct size and tag and a gunscript and Instantiate it on my players hand. The thing is obvously each time i am instantiating or adding any object to my inventory and players hand, am always adding a pre-made default prefab saved at the resource files that has all the STANDARD variables. A little bit about the code behind. ITEM.CS HIDDEN ITEM DATABASE HIDDEN INVENTORY SYSTEM HIDDEN SWITCH ITEMS... HIDDEN If you took the time to read my problem and want to give a tought or two, thanks in advance! ~Zeo
  16. [ 7 Models Total ] [ Axe ] [ Bow and Arrows ] [ Chain Sword ] [ Dagger ] [ Long Sword ] [ Mace ] [ Semi Sword ] Feedback is apreciated. Tnx Axe Bow and Arrows Chain Sword Dagger Long Sword Mace Semi Sword [ Off Topic ] I need a person to help me with the texturing for this pack and more, I`m giving profit share for every sale of the models. Tnx and have a nice day
  17. Hey guys! Today I'm releasing some of my World War 2 weapon models I made. All of them are untextured, but some of them already have a UVW map (you may need to redo some UVW maps). Note: You can't use them for commercial projects, because I'm using the student version of 3ds Max. Luger P08: Polys: 3056 Verts: 2774 Note: This is the only exeption, because I started texturing it (not in the screen, but in the .rar) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxtkj5qtxn420ye/Luger%20P08.rar Machinenpistole 40: Polys: 2433 Verts: 2856 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g16w86q5g4g9ufo/MP%252040.rar Gewehr 41: Polys: 1834 Verts: 1925 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rlhvpdv89idz5ln/Gewehr%252041.rar More models will follow later!
  18. EN: Hello everyone, I am a Brazilian then ignore the errors made ​​by Google Translator. PT: Olá a todos, eu sou brasileiro então ignorem os erros feitos pelo Google Tradutor. EN: I wonder if there is any tutorial or if any of the forum members could make me a tutorial on how to put new weapons in Bootcamp! I know it's not impossible because I saw a video of a guy here the Forum even with many weapons and it selects all in a GUI-MENU! If this guy is reading the topic, please send me your code PT: Gostaria de saber se tem algum tutorial, ou se algum dos membros do fórum poderia me fazer um tutorial de como colocar novas armas no Bootcamp! Eu sei que não é impossível porque eu vi um vídeo de um cara aqui do fórum mesmo com muitas armas e ele seleciona todas em um MENU-GUI! Se este cara estiver lendo o tópico, por favor me envie seus códigos Thanks. Obrigado desde já
  19. Ok im trying to add weapons into the fps kit by replacing the models in weapon manager but for some reason all the models i put in are just floating outside the fps hands. Any help would be great! Thanks
  20. I have many gun models I would like to put into my game but I dont know how to do it. Do I create a prefab with hands and gun model create animations and edit weapon manager script? Any help would be great thanks everyone!
  21. Hey Guys , I Need Help , I Was wondering and trying to add animated legs to a FPC that I Got , How can I Add them , and Is the Torso of the player going to be visible or not
  22. Hello lads, Bean here. So I have a Halo 3 Assault Rifle model with arms and animations in a .Max file. So my question is, how do I apply this .Max file in the FPS Kit? Thanks! Bean
  23. Hi Guys (one more time xD) , im asking for you The CSS Rigged arms , theses arms with black gloves who all members use it , but i cant find these arms ... so please who have this arms can share it to me for a +rep and thanks .
  24. Zombie Hunter Weapons Package Package Description : > Source files + Unitypackage. > Contains 9 Different Melee Weapons. > Each weapons have a diffuse and normal Map of 1024*1024. > They are of good quality, not too much low poly but will best match for a zombie game. > Ready to use prefabs are included inside unity package. The price for the package is only 10 USD. If you would like to buy pm me here or in my email - laxmansingh130@gmail.com You may comment below also.
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