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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a script that play randomly audio and now i want a delay after every sound. I tried using waitforseconds function but i cant get it to work. this is the script: var sounds: AudioClip[]; InvokeRepeating("PlayRandom", 0, 1); function PlayRandom(){ if (audio.isPlaying) return; audio.clip = sounds[Random.Range(0,sounds.length)]; audio.Play(); } Thanks
  2. Hello all.. I'm messing around with a third Person shooter.. But when my weapon reloads its instant.. So i was hoping to put a "WaitForSeconds" in the reload function but since its C# I'm really not sure how to execute it. This is the reload part. private void Reload() { Debug.Log("Reload [" + weaponsSet[weaponIndex].weaponName+"]"); int needBullets = (weaponsSet[weaponIndex].clipSize - weaponsSet[weaponIndex].currentBulletsCount); if (weaponsSet[weaponIndex].haveBullets >= needBullets){ weaponsSet[weaponIndex].haveBullets -= needBullets; weaponsSet[weaponIndex].currentBulletsCount = weaponsSet[weaponIndex].clipSize; } else{ weaponsSet[weaponIndex].currentBulletsCount = weaponsSet[weaponIndex].haveBullets; weaponsSet[weaponIndex].haveBullets = 0; } } I have a variable public float reloadTime; I did some searching and found this. yield return new WaitForSeconds(reloadTime); but this throws a error The body of `WeaponController.Reload()' cannot be an iterator block because `void' is not an iterator interface type Also, If i replace Void Reload() with IEnumerator Reload() I get even more errors.. So im unsure what to do Hopefully someone can help me out.. if you need more info let me know
  3. Hey guys, it's me again. So, I'm currently in Spain and enjoying vacation. But there is one thing you can enjoy more, programming while having a vacation! So what I did is that I brought my laptop to Spain and installed unity and transfered my game. Now, when I'm about to script and intro (or anything to do with Yield), well... It will not run the code. Example, I write yield WaitForSeconds (3); and then write another line of code, it doesn't simple continue... I've tried opening and creating another project but no darn luck help please? Thanks, your fellow friend, Joseph!
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