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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am a newby in developing using unity (and all round newby in programming as well), just learned it a month ago. I have been making this VR and it has always shown the error android adb debug not found. Today, I installed it and that error is no longer there but there is this error showing: Failed to setup port forwarding. Exit code 1 returned by process: CMD.exe /k adb forward tcp:7003 tcp:7003 & exit error: unknown host service at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.setupPortForwarding (Int32 port) [0x0011d] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:159 at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.phoneConnect () [0x00039] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:97 at Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket.phoneEventSocketLoop () [0x00017] in D:\New Project\Assets\GoogleVR\Scripts\Controller\Internal\Emulator\EmulatorClientSocket.cs:73 UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarningFormat(String, Object[]) Gvr.Internal.EmulatorClientSocket:phoneEventSocketLoop() (at Assets/GoogleVR/Scripts/Controller/Internal/Emulator/EmulatorClientSocket.cs:76) After setting up adb debug, GVRControllerPointer does not work. The GVREditorEmulator does work though. can anyone help me?
  2. Hello, I am a noob to Unity and I'm having trouble making a simple change to a script. Hopefully someone can help! I've recently had success using the "FPSKit 1.3.5 JS" with "Google VR", using the "GvrViewerMain" Prefab. I had to make some simple changes to the scripts to allow the player to move and raycast in the "Camera Direction". I'm attempting the same method now, with the FPSKit 1.5 C# Before, when I was using the Unity "Standard Assets - FPS Controller" I could just attach the "GvrViewerMain" to the "MainCamera" and then "hold Alt for head movement simulation" worked perfectly. This time, (in the FPS 1.5 C#) I attach the "GvrViewerMain" to the MainCamera and, pressing the Alt key causes the camera rotation to be very strange. (rotating and tilting) Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Is my game I work. Is work with Vr control but i need The VR is rare, I know. The game is a horror game. sorry for my bad english If you wanna donate, Pm Me, I need to buy The VR, not is obligatory. I am From venezuelan, I have 19.
  4. I'm trying to think of an elegant solution to this, and would like to know if you have any ideas The Requirement: First person view With a full body for multiplayer with animations I want the player to see their legs and arms etc. in first person. I want the player to be able to press a key and have "FreeLook" so that just their characters head moves, and they can use it to look back over their shoulder when something is chasing them. Nice to have's It would be nice to restrict head movement to natural limitations Some sort of Steady Cam, I've noticed when attaching cameras to head bones that the movement is too wobbly. So something to smooth out movement without intersecting with the character geometry when they jump for instance. My Ideas so far. I'm thinking that the head model should be separate but joined to the body at the neck, then I was thinking I could perhaps cul the head from the camera view and position it so it could never look down the neck hole. I was thinking of having an invisible sphere collider with the camera inside, that would prevent the camera intersecting with the body and then figure out some way of smoothing the camera movement within the sphere. Any ideas warmly welcomed, I really think that with the advent of VR headsets that "First Person" is going to be a hot subject.
  5. Hey guys, Isaak here. Is anyone using the new Unity.VR namespace yet? It came out when 5.1 was released and since then, it was supposed to replace all these complicated plugins for each VR device. In other words, its objective was to replace all external plugins for VR, including Oculus and Morpheus, for one internal plugin (couldn't find any better words). http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/VR.InputTracking.html Now my question is, have any unity game developers using VR external plugins migrated to Unity's new solution, or am I the only one? The reason I'm asking this is because I'm having trouble at the moment getting around the new library. Would like to know your opinion, don't be shy
  6. I’m wanting to build a Solid team to create games for the Oculus Rift. The first game will be VR Horror. Exterminating the unwanted Violet Spirits for different Locations. I’m wanting this game to be finished by May, no later than June. Needing: Programmers Modelers, Level Developers, If you want to be a part of a Serious Project, Contact me so we can talk about how you can be a part of this. Looking for Passionate, Professional, and Experienced Team Members. There’s No money upfront, but when we get this published, there will be profit Sharing. Amount Depends on the Role and time put into the project. Once finished and Depending on the quality, I plan on marketing this Game between $30-$50. My Contact info. hiddeninjastudio@gmail.com or producerceon@hotmail.com Text: 817.739.8031.
  7. Leap motion added a VR Mount to create a really incredible experience in my opinion, I personally own both Leap Motion and Oculus Rift, I plan to buy this mount after seeing what's possible while combining the two. What do you all think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ATQG9mnm34
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