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Found 15 results

  1. New Update for Protocol Like and share https://youtu.be/MlKT-FTHfCs
  2. With the new Unity update (2018.10f2) there are lots of errors in the scripts and shaders. I'm a beginner with Unity but I loved this project and couldn't find a better one. Please care to fix them. Sincerely, The Hyper.
  3. Hello Armedunity forum, I have one question to the Unity update mode. Question: How can I switch from the animation update mode "Animate Physics" to "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again with a UI button click? So via a UI button, switching the animator from "Animate Physics" to "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again. From"Animate Physics": To "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again. It would be cool if one can help me with that;) Thanks
  4. Hey guys, what do you think about the new Unity Version, 2017?
  5. one week modeling, texturing software used-3ds MAX and Photoshop first update image of soldiers this is the first vehicle of my game hope you all like this and comment
  6. Hello armed unity members, I'm XshinobiX. I've been busy working on my project and also normal life issues. I've shown some glimpse of my work when I introduce myself in the introduction section of the forums. I will now share project progress and future progress through updates in the future. I hope you all like what I have done so far and stick around to watch or participate in the development of this project. Imagine playing a fighting game with some RPG elements. This might have been done already if it has I'm going to try to take it a step further or a new direction. I haven't created a story line for this game. I wanted to make playing the game very competitive like Tekken has taken it series. I'm working on developing the fighting mechanics first. Here are some old pictures. New Pictures - I'm alone on this project. I could use some help, if anyone like to join me on this project please let me know in a reply or just pm me thanks. I have a post under seeking team members section in our forums for more information. Thanks for checking out my project. I hope you guys continue to follow the development of my game, thanks. Members Working on this project - - XshinobiX Updates - v2 Alpha coming soon! - Adding new design for in-game HUD. - New Strike and Hit Detection System. - Introduce a injury system. - Adding new combat moves! - Adding Combos! - Opponent Generator. Videos - New Video coming really really soon. Release Date - - Unconfirmed Please give your support by liking my page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FierceWebGame Thanks for reading
  7. Hello there, Recently some friends of mine are complaining about my game in relation to updates. They don't want to download it anymore, because the game is getting bigger every new release. Even one of my best friends told me to stop playing this game if I won't arrange an update tool (or something). So, I need your advice because I'm not well-known when it comes to an own database and downloading files from that database. I've seen this tool on the Asset Store, which seems to be the only free option. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18438 I followed the tutorial carefully, but no successful result. I don't know what I'm doing wrong exactly, but just so you know I used Dropbox to download the files using the patch executable. Also, is Dropbox a "legit" option to download files? Or do I have to create a database/server... I'm just so confused - Furthermore, I really don't care about the design of the patching tool but just wanted to get it work properly. If you have any suggestions for any other tools, tell me. You might also want to explain in short what I'm doing wrong with databases/server.
  8. The Update and a shape that is performed in every few frames , The FixedUpdate and a shape that is performed before q update and every frame ; WHAT IS THE UPDATE AND THE FIXEDUPDATE UPDATE CODES AND USUALLY USED WITH MOST SIMPLE SIMPLE AS ACCOUNTANTS ETC . The FIXEDUPDATE CODES AND USUALLY USED WITH MORE COMPLEX ACCOUNTANTS OF TIME PHYSICS SETTINGS ETC EXAMPLE PUT ON A SCRIPT AND OPEN THE CONSOLE CTRL + SHIFT + C OR WINDOWS CONSOLE >> simple >> void Update ( ) { print ( Time.deltaTime ) ; } void FixedUpdate () { print ( Time.deltaTime ) ; } A More Complex Target public Transform ;/ / UmCubo public Transform Ob ;/ / A Camera With ortograica vision viewing the aerial target in sight bool UseFixedUpdate ; void Update ( ) { Target.transform.Translate ( 0,0,20 * Time.deltaTime * ); if ( UseFixedUpdate == false ) { Ob.transform.position = Target.transform.position ; } } void FixedUpdate () { if ( UseFixedUpdate == true ) { Ob.transform.position = Target.transform.position ; } } WHAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE UPDATE AND FIXEDUPDATE WHAT MORE LIGHT UPDATE OR FIXEDUPDATE ? The Update and lighter because it does not execultado whole frame To use mobiles not use the update fixed simple update; OBS i don't talk english perfectly sorry for the all grammatical errors ANY DOUBT : D
  9. hey guys i have released Warfield update 2 on you tube here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV00UaAYA7A pls tell me what you think about it and subscribe for later Updates. update #3 is coming out soon. theres not much to say about this update. i still plan to put in alot more. i want to start a AI waypoint system etc. or if you have ideas on what to add in pls tell me by commenting on the video or down below.
  10. Nothing much to say ... Im working on this FPS project for a few weeks now , just have a look.... hope u enjoy watching CLICK HERE FOR THE OTHER UPDATES
  11. This update we decided to make a quick campaign level concept using unity's bootcamp demo level. The idea was to give us a basic feel for the game with cutscenes, structured gameplay, AI and an ending so we know what needs improvement gameplay wise before we try and release an actual demo. Obviously the game is early in development and needs work
  12. some progress with player,using fps kit from Daboss i will soon release the first update, Working on destruction edited the animations and sounds ,later on i will add my own gui ,thanks to DaBoss
  13. i got my first team member i.e. graphic designer .he is my classmate in instiute now .. first look of island map .this is scratch so there is nothing added .............follow me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soldiers-Infinite/304470476359104?ref=hl
  14. Credit to ONE MAN ARMY ... we all can't thank him enough for what he has done Confirmed Beta Features (Night Crisis) As the beta is nearing release, the dev log series (Road to Beta) will keep you updated on progress of the game. The beta is confirmed for pc, the webrowser version will be released at later date as a lite version. Upcoming and Confirmed beta features: Polished gameplay Inventory system Player upgrade system New weapon buy system UPDATES RELEASED IN DEV LOG 1.1 finalized Environment audio systems Bug fixes New weapons ( saiga, ump45, ScarH) HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE PC VERSION:1.Download http://www.indiedb.com/members/alteredplanets/downloads/night-crisis-alpha-demo 2. install and enjoy 3. email or pm if you have any questions!
  15. Also any advice would be appreciated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuNulyQX4w4
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