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Found 2 results

  1. rpm I have a timer which rotates through the drivetrain (works perfect) I want to do is this .. every certain number of degrees to rotate the needle, play a sound, and "sound pitch" eg the needle is at 55 degrees (playing a sound) = idle rotating and exceeding 56 degrees (it plays another sound (low) and stops ringing above (idle)) and so susecivamente with other 3 sounds .. (med - high - limiter) the question is, how do I add the 5 sounds to script to rotate x degrees is activated and the previous sound stop playing (55 º - 56 idle play) - (56 º -100 º play low and stop idle) etc. .. here the script: if (tachoMeterNeedle) { tachoMeterNeedleRect=new Rect(tachoMeterRect.x + tachoMeterRect.width/2 - tachoMeterNeedleSize.x*0.5f , tachoMeterRect.y + tachoMeterRect.height/2 - tachoMeterNeedleSize.y*0.5f, tachoMeterNeedleSize.x, tachoMeterNeedleSize.y); pivot = new Vector2(tachoMeterNeedleRect.xMin + tachoMeterNeedleRect.width * 0.5f, tachoMeterNeedleRect.yMin + tachoMeterNeedleRect.height* 0.5f); if (RPMFactor<1f) RPMFactor=1f; if (drivetrain) actualtachoMeterNeedleAngle=drivetrain.rpm/(RPMFactor*10) + tachoMeterNeedleAngle; Matrix4x4 matrixBackup = GUI.matrix; GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot(actualtachoMeterNeedleAngle, pivot); GUI.DrawTexture(tachoMeterNeedleRect, tachoMeterNeedle); GUI.matrix = matrixBackup; Total script also left to be seen and can help
  2. Hello how are you? would need to help me with something I do not understand. I am using unityCar, and everything is perfect, very good .. but I have a problem I do not understand and I can not fix ... I drive the vehicle at high speeds (350 kmh) and destabilizes the car loses grip of the road .. which when you want to turn left or right wheels lose grip .. unitycar have used some of you? someone had this error and fix it? I'm from Argentina .. forgive me if I do not understand .. I hope you can help if anyone has unityCar, and wants. Ask Me and I think a post for everyone. bye
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