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Found 327 results

  1. UPDATE 2 RELEASED, THANK YOU GUYS. CHANGELOG -4 New weapons(Taurus .889, UMP-45,RPG-7, SCAR-L) -UI -Simple AI -Blood Screen -Viewpunch(shake when there's recoil) -Post Process. About This is an FPS game(With no particular name) that i have been working like a month. Everything you see here is completely made from scratch(Except for crosshair and zombie model) by a guy which is 12 y/o. Using blender, Gimp. It started as a low poly fps at first. Yes, the models and textures aren't really good, even the animations are bad. What do you think? Feedback is appreciated. VIDEO(Newest Update) Working On: Score Wave System Grenades Maps 2 new weapons for now(Double barrel Shotgun & Crossbow)
  2. please i need help i want to Reverse Engineering apk unity game.
  3. Hello guys! I am beginner to Unity3D and I am building a 3D FPS Multiplayer Game! My problem is... I want to create a shop that player can buy weapons! But next time that he plays the game weapon is gone! SO, HOW CAN I SAVE A PURCHASED WEAPON (i would prefer to tell me via PlayerPrefs) THANK YOU!
  4. Weird Animation On Scene

    Hi, I'm having a weird issue with a 3d model. When I import it inside unity, In the preview Tab the animation seems to work fine (as show in picture). But When I put the model in the scene and try to play the animation, The mesh disappear and only a kind of bone structure is left (joined picture). anyone has an idea why please? EDIT: to give more info about how did I got here. As I'm learning, I took the working model with animation FBX file from unity and Import it inside Blender. Then I re-exported it inside Unity and I got this problem. Regards,

    Version 1.6


    Requires unity 5.6.3 or higher. In unity 5 you will have to rebuild the lighting data. *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
  6. Unity Update Mode - Help

    Hello Armedunity forum, I have one question to the Unity update mode. Question: How can I switch from the animation update mode "Animate Physics" to "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again with a UI button click? So via a UI button, switching the animator from "Animate Physics" to "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again. From"Animate Physics": To "normal" and then automatically back to "Animate Physics" again. It would be cool if one can help me with that;) Thanks
  7. Regular Gun Script

    Hello! This is my first post ever! I just wanted to share a simple gun script that uses C#. Probably the best script for beginners! There are two scripts, one for the gun, and one for the enemies to shoot at! Hope u like it! 1st script: using UnityEngine; public class Gun : MonoBehaviour { public float damage = 25f; public float range = 100f; public Camera fpsCam; public ParticleSystem muzzleFlash; // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")) { Shoot(); } } void Shoot () { muzzleFlash.Play(); RaycastHit hit; if (Physics.Raycast(fpsCam.transform.position, fpsCam.transform.forward, out hit, range)) { Debug.Log(hit.transform.name); Target target = hit.transform.GetComponent<Target>(); if (target != null) { target.TakeDamage(damage); } } } } 2nd Script (Target Script) using UnityEngine; public class Target : MonoBehaviour { public float health = 50f; //what makes the damage work public void TakeDamage (float amount) { health -= amount; if (health <= 0f) { Die(); } } void Die () { Destroy(gameObject); } } There u go! those are all of the scripts! (Credit to brackeys for them.)
  8. I'm sorry for my English. My Unity 2017.3.0f2 worked fine yesterday, but when I loaded my project today, it froze when I tried to create an instance of the object, identify the code that caused this error and I share it with you, I do not know what the problem was inside the code, it worked fine yesterday , I thought that the cycle produces this error, but I do not see anything wrong inside the code, please need help with my code, what I try is to capture all the Gameobjects in front of the object, and that they are saved in an array, to later use the position of these GameObject to instantiate a bomberman-style bomb, and check for hits.Length greater than zero. Here I leave the code already commented: void CaptureAllDelante(){ RaycastHit[] hits; hits = Physics.RaycastAll(transform.position, Vector3.forward, Potencia); int i = 0; print ("Check if hits.length greater zero // " + hits.Length.ToString()); while (i < hits.Length) { if (hits [i].transform.tag == "Paredes" || hits [i].transform.tag == "Player" ) { break; //"if object tag is Paredes / Player, Stop while" } else if(hits [i].transform.tag == "Destructibles"){ //"if object tag is Destructibles , save object in array ObjetosDelante for use the position later" RaycastHit hit = hits[i]; ObjetosDelante [i] = hits [i].transform.gameObject; Debug.Log (hit.collider.gameObject.tag.ToString()); i++; } } for (int a = 0; a < ObjetosDelante.Length; a++) { if (ObjetosDelante[a] == null) { break; } //"if ObjetosDelante if != null instantiate Explosion in each position of object in array" Instantiate (Explosion, ObjetosDelante[a].transform.position,Quaternion.identity); } SearchObjetoDelante = false; }
  9. Unity Game Complete Game Source Code

    Please, see Attach file and mailed me if you are interested to get Unity Game Complete Project Source code. Mailed Me at: erased Thanks. file erased
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a very simple cross promotion system with the following idea: Create any canevas containing few icons of other of your games with a clickeable game icon. This canevas could be triggered by a click on a more games button or anything else. The part where I have difficulties is that I want the games that will be shown to be controlled by me. in other words, I'd like to put the game icon link and game Url outside the game code itself and be able to update the shown games whenever I want without Updating the game inside the store. I have never done such stuff before, so I'm wondering how could I get a png from a url and put it inside the image component? and also update the Urls to the relevant one Regards,
  11. Hi! While developing on a game of mine, I decided to make a few changes to the camera. I got some inspiration from the camera in Running With Rifles and I really liked it, so I decided to make it like that. Here's a little video of it in action, in my game: Setting it up: Create an empty gameobject, and name it something like Camera Pivot. This is the gameobject that will be moved. Create a camera gameobject, and attach it to the Camera Pivot gameobject Offset the camera gameobject so it points downward, and is a bit in the air Attach the script to the Camera Pivot gameobject. Configure the settings to your likings, and everything should work. If you have any problems, I'll try to help. Script:
  12. Hey ArmedUnity community, I worked on a Unity project for a long time and I have write the most script's in javacodes so JS (Javascripts/unityscripts), but now I made a mistake. I would convert one Javascript Unity project to C# scripts with a script converter tool, but the converter has convert all my javascripts in my primary Unity Project to C# scripts too. Now I don't have a backup from my primary project Javascripts, so all my javascripts are converted to C# scripts (my game project don't work anymore). But I have build my game a day ago, so I have now downloaded "dotPeek" the tool can decompile .dll files and can export scripts. The problem is, it can only decompile all scripts to C# not to javascripts. I have only two scripts written in the c# language, the rest is written in JS, so JavaScript/unityscript. Now, I need your help: - My question is, is there a way to convert all the C# scripts back to my javascripts? - Or the better option: Is there a way to extract the js (Javascripts/unityscripts) from my builded game? Here are a picture from the two c# scripts in my builded game(I can export my c# scripts perfect with "DotPeek" or any export tool, but not my javascripts): https://image.ibb.co/dWJp1n/c_scripts.png And here are a picture from my Js (Javascripts/unityscripts). If I open my builded game with any decompile tool, will any program convert my javascripts to c# scripts automatically. So this picture is made in "DotPeek" too: https://preview.ibb.co/eyvV7S/javascripts.png Thanks, -ImHaxoTV aka Florian
  13. Review Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: GitHub Download Page: https://github.com/leandrovieiraa/FreeSurvivalRPGKit Description This is a FREE kit made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), to help developers create your own survival game with RPG aspects. This kit have a great low poly fantasy RPG environment, is intuitive package and easy-to-customize Features Unity's new UI system with modern interface pack. Player and Enemy's. Equipment System based on transform position and prefabs. Health, thirst and hunger system. Point Click, WSAD and Joystick/Controller movement via Navigation Xbox 360 joystick is automatically identified when connecting switching inputs. Point and click controller has to be set and by default the project uses the keyboard and mouse. RPG Camera with Zoom, Rotation and Joystick/Controller Support. Animations via Mecanim. Low Poly FREE 3D Models. Minimap System. Inventory, Loot and Gold System. Death and Respawning. Carefully crafted C# Code. Tottaly FREE to customize. Showcase Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/chhmtdU --
  14. Binocular Texture

    Here is a texture of binocular below is the link you can download it. I've tons of free awesome textures with copywrite. I've this so I'm sharing this with you peoples. https://mega.nz/#!1yg2kB4Z!4-3xhk0cc3gjwRGeyTgETgm7BuHJ7Yj6_50HHyhdDAc
  15. Hello, I`m building my new Multiplayer game using FPSE and Unity`s in-built netoworking . I hope you know that. I have just started to learn it from here. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/s/multiplayer-networking The problem I`m facing is that I wanna give the damage from my Player`s gun to another player(client). I`ve setup the game till this turorial https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/temas/multiplayer-networking/shooting-single-player?playlist=29690 As you know that FPSE gun uses Raycasting to give damage to players. So how to give the damage from gun scripts to clients(players). Any idea? As Unity tutorial has used the collision to give damage to clients. I hope you know understand what I mean to say. If I see I`ll upload the weapon Code. Here is ScreenShot of my game. I`ve changed the codes of Player movements. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/multiplayer-networking/testing-multiplayer-movement?playlist=29690
  16. Need FPS kit for Unity 4.

    I need a FPS kit that will support Unity 4.1.5 without any error. If you know any link or youtube link then please tell me.
  17. Unity Mobil Ocean

    Mobile Ocean and boat physics. https://github.com/eliasts/Ocean_Community_Next_Gen
  18. Hi everyone, my name is Oren - I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials/devlogs and general game development videos, it will be great if you could check the latest tutorial I published a few days ago - Thanks for reading, Oren
  19. Hello! Title: Battle of Force Genre: Action, FPS Description: Shooting game Prologue: Nothing. In this you are a soldier. You are on Mission to kill all enemies and after killing all enemies you have to pick up a document. ABOUT ME Nickname: AshwinTheGammer Real name: Ashwin Age: Sixteen. Good at: Java, HTML, Gaming, Javascript(not of Unity). Location: India. DREAM: I wanna open my own Gaming Dev Company. CURRENTLY PERSONS I NEED : PROGRAMER (C#) 1/1. MAP DESIGNER 0/1. Here is my first game video This is not too good but OK. DESCRIPTION FROM ME: Please be fair, and not let my age determine your choice and I`ll not pay you any money or anything for this work. We`ll work with Scene Fusion software to do collab. Here`s its tutorial Here is link http://www.kinematicsoup.com/scene-fusion/ Here`s discord link https://discord.gg/NWTk8xE Thank you!
  20. FELWIRE This is a single-player FPS, featuring wave-based gameplay where you fight off hoards of monsters. Current Noteworthy Features: - V.Low Poly Style - Parkour System - 3 Current Enemies (Basic, Flying & Kamikaze) - Grappling Hook - Special Shop - Abandoned Atmosphere (One map so far) - Multiple Weapons - Interactable Main menu - Scoring System Updates: This game is currently in development. YOUTUBE: IHAZMIRACLE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzoGHQdij2Rg0BnRSbyD7jg Note: This game does contain some assets I purchased, they are given credit in some of the videos descriptions and I am very open about it. Feel free to ask any questions and help give me some ideas!
  21. Version 1.0


    Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/13Tm Free Hands used in project: [Thanks @MasterJackal] Description The project was created for developers who enjoy survival style games of the famous character Slender. With this kit, developers could use advanced systems, modular buildings, and any unique features to create their own horror game story. The project was made for easy understanding and modification. Features Movie Menu Advanced ingame menu with load and save system Flashlight system Battery charge system Collect pages system Health system Customizable UI Modular buildings included Free awesome assets included Unique atmosphere Fog system C# crafted code and easy to modification ... Forum thread: https://armedunity.com/topic/15090-unity-5-free-horror-game-kit-slender/
  22. FREE Horror Game Kit - Slender Review Complete Projects/Packs Leandro Vieira [Gallighan] - Two TV, owner. [Waiting unity review] Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/13Tm MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#!r9lzXSpB!rdG-zh4CGBw7extJC3NqEFgb40wPY2UD7ZfBP7h2m_s Free Hands used in project: [Thanks @MasterJackal] Description The project was created for developers who enjoy survival style games of the famous character Slender. With this kit, developers could use advanced systems, modular buildings, and any unique features to create their own horror game story. The project was made for easy understanding and modification. Features Movie Menu Advanced ingame menu with load and save system Flashlight system Battery charge system Collect pages system Health system Customizable UI Modular buildings included Free awesome assets included Unique atmosphere Fog system C# crafted code and easy to modification ... Updates [Fix] Camera collision with walls Screenshots Abandoned House Advanced in-game menu Page system like slender game Slender on the hill Camera glitch/noise effect Showcase gameplay Enjoy.
  23. Problem with getting started.

    So now i have been trying for over 3 months on getting started in Unity again. It`s like i really want to start on Unity and code a game but i can`t really get started. Most of it is because i don`t even know what to make and the other things is the fact that i can`t make models, sounds, fx, map design or anything that needs to be made for a game + i don`t have any money to just buy everything for a game. So what i wanted to ask all of you in here is what do you guys do when you want to get started but you just can`t ? Thanks in advance
  24. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    I want to use the tactical shooter against my Player(FPSController), I had setup the scene with player and AI but it`s only shooting on me and can`t moving around so that whenever I go it follow me. I wanna make that when I shoot AI then it will take damage and when it shoot me it then I will take damage. My gun script and health script is taken from OneManArmy3d`s Au fps kit v1.5. If you want this package ask me I `ll give u. Please help me!
  25. Order of The Jarl

    Hi guys! A few months ago me and a few of my buddies started to make this mobile game. It is one of those endless run type of game. However in this game you just don't swipe left, right , up and down to progress. There is also a class-based character system. Every character we meet on our storyline which have separate abilities that are better than each other in specific occasions. In this game, we play as a viking named "Magni" and help him to retrieve the king's sword from the giants.(Yes, it is a story-driven game ) Unfortunately, we couldn't complete the game, yet. However we are very close to finish this game. I hope you guys/girls will support us. If you follow us on the social media and leave some of your opinions about the game down below that would be great! Game's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ORDER-of-the-JARL-728551257332825/ Team's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thebabagames/ Team's instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/thebabagames/?hl=tr Team's twitter page: https://twitter.com/theBabaGames