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Found 272 results

  1. Just wanted to Show how to make a RPG Style Health bar. Thank Free Download in the Video Details on YouTube..
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Game based on clicks, evolution and wealth. Beta version. Only 1 map, but several evolutionary features. Help in progress of the game to continue to be released.
  3. These are not my assets, but they are handy and... FREE! Website:
  4. unity

    Hello everyone, I am Vadim. Do you not have the knowledge of C# or simply can't find the time to write scripts for your future game? Well, here I am offering to write any Unity C# script you need in no time for as low as 5$, and maximum 15$ for very complex scripts. If you are not be satisfied, you get all your money back guaranteed. So nothing to lose right. I am a Unity C# programmer with 2+ years of experience, very passionate about game development and have developed many different games 2D and 3D. SERVICE LINK: You can also have a look at a small 2D game I have created alone a few months ago: Thanks for reading!
  5. Hello, In order to create a quick main menu UI , i use this old fashionned method: if (GUI.Button(new Rect(x,y,width,height),"Start"){ SceneManager.Loadscene(""); } That works great when i export it as an Executable for pc but in my mobile phone (Android) , the UI elemnts are too small, what can i do to resolve this issue ? I have another quick question too : Is it possible to get the icon of a unitypackage ? here's a picture to explain : I didn't find the picture inside the package ! Thanks,
  6. I made a door script for anyone to use, and I have also included a prefab to easily put in your game. doorDemoAssets.unitypackage
  7. Vehicle Physics. Info: So. I have noticed a lot of community members have been seeking Vehicle Physics.. I was going to create a project from scratch for the community but i have been sidetracked by my Racing Game Project ATM. So i took Andrew Gotow's Vehicle Physics & Customized - Rewrite the Code So the Vehicle Handles & Behaves Better. Has a real center of mass. Anti Roll Bars. etc. This Project Will Not Be Receiving Anymore Updates Because My Current Project is taking up a lot of my time. So I hope everyone here enjoys the projects & Makes something cool from them I will be here for support, If you have any issues / Bugs please let me know & I will be more then happy to help You out! NOTE: You are free to use this Commercially If You Replace All The Models / Sounds With Your Own. Please Do Not Upload This & Share It. If You want to share with you Friends Send Them A Link To This Thread. Features: Automatic Gearbox. Handbrake. Deceleration Speed. Anti Roll Bars. Skid marks With Smoke & Audio. Vehicle Has Max Speed. Steer Angle Is Adjustable In The Inspector. DEMO: Video Preview: Downloads. V1 : Just The Physics. V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. Downloads For 4.3. V1 : Just The Physics. V2 : The Physics & First Person Controller Enter And Exit System. Update #1 Improved The WheelAlignScript. & Made it able to handle all wheels at once. Instead of multible scripts being ran on all four wheels. How To Use The Updated Script. Step 1. Delete the WheelAlign Script. Step 2. Create a new script called WheelVisuals & Paste The Above Into The Script. Step 3. Assign This Script To The Vehicle. Step 4. Assign Your Wheel Colliders Matching The Names. & The Wheel Meshes. Step 5. Hit Play & Notice Everything still works Beautifully yet its easier to Manage. Note: "Mesh Is The Actual Wheel Model." "Wheel Is The Actual Collider" Note: SkidSmoke = SlipPrefab. Credits: OneManArmy - Enter & Exit Source From FPSKIT. Andrew Gotow - Vehicle Physics. Andrew Laverack *Epic-Shot* - Edit & Rewrite. Angel Garcia *Edy* - Anti Roll Bar. Roylen - Easy Skid marks.
  8. Hello, I'm a beginner in scripting & unity and i'm currently facing some difficulties in a learning project i'm working on : - The first one : what's the best way to keep the total amount of collected coins during game : I mean even if the player plays so many times the same level or closes the application, i'd like a way to find the total collected coins so that i can use this informations when scripting a shoping scene - The second issue: right now, when i don't react in my game ( i don't anything ) the screen unlights and then the phone get locked in few seconds. I'd like to force the screen to be active as long as the game is running even if the player is not reacting. How can i implement that ? Thanks a lot,
  9. Hello folks!, I am creating a 2D online game based on a fantasy and adventure world, the logical part between server and client I am going muto well until now, I have done all the treatments of this type and also implemented the database. But an important thing is the inventory system, where I will equip the character and change his look, but in 3D games this is not difficult but I am finding it difficult to do for a 2D game that are treated as sprites .. I'll need support, if anyone knows where I start, suggestion, idea, anything is welcome. For example: When equipping an armor I know I should by the sprite on top of the other, that's fine, I can activate the sprite but how will I use the correct sprites for the animations of the original sprite, for example, when the player moves left it use the armor sprite on the same side and so on for the other positions. How can I do animations of sprites related to attacks when equipping a sword. In fact it is an equipment system for sprites (2D characters as in RPG Maker games). I have seen this system in other engines but I have never been able to reproduce in unity, if anyone can help me, I am grateful. See you.
  10. Hey Guys, This is a project I have been working on for a while now, Here I will release progress of it. Youtube: OwnLogic Special Thanks To: OneManArmy [Parkour Controller and Weapons] Update 1 Update 2 PS: Also hoping find a modeller/animator/texturer to work on the project! IF interested in joining please add me on skype at Skyter88
  11. Hello. I have downloaded the Unity game engine after seeing videos of it's drag and drop UI system, and having the idea to use Unity as a mock up tool for my app and website design. This allows for an easy, yet simple way to create mock up designs for clients instead of my normal Photoshop static files, or Adobe XD. To practice I designed a basic news reading app in Unity, with no other software, which was very difficult for someone who has been designing websites and apps on PSD and Illustrator for many years. None the less, check out what I have created below. Enjoy.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    3D Platformer Tutorial updated to latest version of unity engine. Language: unityscript Engine version: v5.6 Password: armedunity Tutorial in PDF format:
  13. Hi, I'm a new beginner in unity trying to learn. I've got a project (Android) with one main scene but i don't understand the fact that i have a big rectangle (Canvas) and a really small rectangle (bottom left) for the main view. i'm having a lot of problem to control what's shown in a smartphone. I added a picture to illustrate my problem. I'm wondering : is it normal ? i don't think so .. How can i control exactly what's shown in the screen ? Thanks,
  14. I am trying to make a switch weapon script but, I am not able to switch my weapons with the scroll wheel. Here is my script if someone would like to help. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class WeaponSwitch : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject[] weapons; // push your prefabs public int currentWeapon = 0; private int nrWeapons; void Start() { nrWeapons = weapons.Length; SwitchWeapon(currentWeapon); // Set default gun } void Update() { for (int i = 1; i <= nrWeapons; i++) { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Alpha1)) { currentWeapon = i - 1; SwitchWeapon(0); } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Alpha2)) { currentWeapon = i - 1; SwitchWeapon(1); } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Alpha3)) { currentWeapon = i - 1; SwitchWeapon(2); } if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") > 0f) { currentWeapon = i - 1; SwitchWeapon(i - 1); } else if(Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") < 0f) { currentWeapon = i - 1; SwitchWeapon(i + 1); } } } void SwitchWeapon(int index) { for (int i = 0; i < nrWeapons; i++) { currentWeapon = index; if (i == index) { weapons[i].gameObject.SetActive(true); } else { weapons[i].gameObject.SetActive(false); } } } }
  15. Hi everybody! Here is one AR15 to you use on Unity! (Placeholder, if you are smart) Download link: Credits (Also in the download!) Model: tigg Animations: UncleGAY Silencer: Rafael De Jongh Sound: Navaro Sound: NightmareMutant Source: Subscribe to: for more downloads!
  16. Hey guys i am making FPS game right now....for explosion i shake my camera with random.random....but i want to make shake in the direction of then explosion..just check out the following video and you will get it what i am asking. Untitled.mp4
  17. ToonUp View File Game based on clicks, evolution and wealth. Beta version. Only 1 map, but several evolutionary features. Help in progress of the game to continue to be released. Submitter NydoX Submitted 03/15/2017 Category Game Demos  
  18. Here are some fps arms i made in blender and textured with gimp! Enjoy PS. Arms are rigged! FPSarms.rar
  19. This Is my first game on unity and it is too much of an undertaking for just me. The Game will be sold on steam for around $10 and each of us gets $2-$3 profit share. The game is based on Fallout by Bethesda and takes place in the wastes of Colorado and is nicknamed "Airforce Grave" because of the abundance of airforce bases and airports. The game is set in the year 2010, 50 years after the "Day of Black Snow". in July 1960. I need a 3D modeler and a C# scripter.
  20. This is a battleship defense game that is based on a tower defense style tutorial, not really for commercial use just something i was working on from a tut. the game currently has 9 levels, I hope to add in an infinite mode where you just survive as long as possible. The levels progressively change after each level, whether its adding in a new turret or a new enemy or taking off training wheels, it changes. later on the enemies actually start to shoot back at your ships so be warned. If you would like to see more information on each individual turret click on the index page on the main menu and read away. until i get a webpage up with the index, I suggest that you have 2 windowed windows of the game open so one can be the index and the other is the game itself so you can easily reference it. eventually ill add in a desc option in game. Video: here You can download the game for android or PC here:
  21. Hi everybody That's an Animated 3D Model, works perfectly on Unity 4.6.1. Only non-commercial use ! Download link in the description.
  22. Hi everyone.. Finally i've developed this game within 10 days... PhysicsSolver My first game i've published.. you may notice bugs/glitches.. you can just leave a comment! PhysicsSolver |Android Game ----- My upcoming game will be better than this x20000 time.. they told me your idea has not been taken from anyone and Unique one!
  23. Hello everyone, My admob ads/banner is not showing... look at the script : using UnityEngine; using GoogleMobileAds; using GoogleMobileAds.Api; using System.Collections; public class adShow : MonoBehaviour { public static void RequestBanner() { #if UNITY_EDITOR string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #elif UNITY_ANDROID string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #else string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #endif // Create a 320x50 banner at the top of the screen. BannerView bannerView = new BannerView(adUnitId, AdSize.SmartBanner, AdPosition.Bottom); // Create an empty ad request. AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder().Build(); // Load the banner with the request. bannerView.LoadAd(request); bannerView.Show (); } }
  24. Hi guys I am a 3d modeller and I have just started using unity. I need some one to help make a simple warp around locations in a scene for me. I am struggling with this. You can use boxes as placeholders, But lets say you have 5 different asteroid belts you want to warp to, I need to be able to warp to them. Also I need a simple galaxy map that allows you to jump around a starmap. If you could just make a few locations. I will do the rest. I hope someone out there can help. Many thanks. Jake