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Found 12 results

  1. *This kit is no longer supported* Hello ArmedUnity! I’ve made my first FPS Kit for you and me! It helps me to improve my current knowledge, playing around with code, making new systems.. etc. While Im learning I want you guys to use and improve my progress. You are free to make a game with this! But you will need to change every model! This is completely made from scratch! Even the FPS Controller! I hope I will get some feedback for it. Helps me improve this kit and my knowledge! This Kit will get Daily or Weekly updates! Description: FPS Controller Simple { Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting, Walking } Can Crouch detection under Objects Animated Legs PLACEHOLDER Player Simple Weapon Script Weaponswitching Weapon Drop Rigidbody dragging Simple UI Simple Wallrun Simple Ladder Climbing Simple Parkour Middle Level AI AI search for cover when attacking player AI search for cover that AI is safe AI search for nearest cover AI Weapon Script AI Weapon Reload AI Wandering Script AI Text on head (only visible if player looks at AI) and more! Update 2: Added Sprinting animation Added Pickup animation Improved Parkour Improved Ladder Climbing Improved Legs Fixed Bugs Added 3 Demo Scenes Added Main Menu Added Load Level OnTrigger Script Update 3: Added Simple UI Fixed shooting while running Updated Weapon Drag script Added smooth crouching Commented 50% of the code Added tooltips Update 4: Performance Update 1: Fixed Bugs Fixed Some Errors Added PauseMenu Edited MainMenu (Added Control info for now, next will be editable controls) Updated Weapon Script Updated Player Script Updated MainMenu Script Updated Player Canvas Updated Scenes Removed Several Models, Textures Edited Texture Quality and much more... Update 5: Performance Update 2 Fixed Bugs/Glitches Fixed Errros New Parkour Animation New Jump Animation New Middle Level AI New Gun Models New Gun Animations New Sounds New Ambient Sound New Leg Textures Added Animated AI Added Ammo Pickup Added Drag Collision Detection Added Camera Movement Updated FPS Controller Updated MadPlayer to be more effective Updated Demo Scene Removed 2 Scenes Removed Old Weapons Removed Old Sounds and more.. Update 6: Completly New Version Changelog coming soon.. To-Do: Making code cleaner New Weapons (Explosive) Work on wall running and more... Trello: https://trello.com/c/5g4Zzjyl/7-mad-fps-kit Please give me suggestions of what I could add. Unity version: Unity2017.3.1f or higher. File Name: MadFPSKitV0.9.rar File Size: 553.06MB Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y916as7a3grm9y1/MadFPSKit0.9.rar/file .EXE Demo Version Link: -- Showcase/Update Videos: Tutorial Videos: Happy Developing! MadWolf Games
  2. My question is simple. How can I add more guns in AU_FPS_KIT v1.5(Testmap.unity scene) with script like WeaponNew, WepaonIndex etc. It have reloading, firing, draw animation and I think I can increase the firing animation(like auto shooting recoil from script). Yes, it also have hand that is animated I wanna disable hand when it is on the ground but when the player picked it up then it will come as like this, you can see in image. I wanna change the first image which have gun to without hand and when the player pick it up pressing E button then it come just like image with hand. I hope u people will understand my question and help me a lot. Any comment and solution is welcome here.
  3. DariusRusu

    M3 E36

    What do you guys think? What should i improve?
  4. Hello everyone today we present the first update of the game that we are developing with Unity 3D, DeadWay, the game is still a beginner, but we work hard to improve every day. Stay tuned!
  5. Hello folks!, I am creating a 2D online game based on a fantasy and adventure world, the logical part between server and client I am going muto well until now, I have done all the treatments of this type and also implemented the database. But an important thing is the inventory system, where I will equip the character and change his look, but in 3D games this is not difficult but I am finding it difficult to do for a 2D game that are treated as sprites .. I'll need support, if anyone knows where I start, suggestion, idea, anything is welcome. For example: When equipping an armor I know I should by the sprite on top of the other, that's fine, I can activate the sprite but how will I use the correct sprites for the animations of the original sprite, for example, when the player moves left it use the armor sprite on the same side and so on for the other positions. How can I do animations of sprites related to attacks when equipping a sword. In fact it is an equipment system for sprites (2D characters as in RPG Maker games). I have seen this system in other engines but I have never been able to reproduce in unity, if anyone can help me, I am grateful. See you.
  6. Hey there ! I see that people post their creations here, I take advantage to present my new small project. I still work on the concept, to try to make it something that does not resemble the current survival game, purpose and make this small original project. What is Sway Survival ? Sway is an extreme survival game at the first person, the gameplay is to survive, it's going to be, it should harvest its own food, harvest wood, stones, to make shelters or tools. Do not hesitate to say what you think. I will post here all future updates. Update #1 : Update #1 : Post-Processing, Island (with Gaia), Simple Hammer, Footsteps, Head Bobbing, Tilt Effect.
  7. Hey I'm back. (This is a new post, feel free to ignore [and to moderators] delete the previous topics as they are now inactive) So as previously stated in another post, this is about our indie Halo game (Originally called Project Anvil) and since then we have adopted the new name "Project Initiative". All the previously mentioned features are still planned to be incorporated. Project Initiative will be featuring the main four game-modes: -Wargames -Anvil -Firefight -Training Although, we are currently only a team of 3 and in need of more developers, anyone who is fluent in Unity, and feels like they can contribute something to our team can email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com We currently need: -Programmers(Js, C# [Networking, Player, etc.]) -3d Modelers -UI Design/Formalizing -Concept Artists -Something else useful to contribute I hope to work with some of you soon (Oh, and don't worry about our issue with I01 devs, that issue is resolved )
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone could help! I'm using the FPSKit, the one that has been updated to Unity 5. I'm trying to add Modern UI in my scene, as soon as I add the canvas, I cant seem to pick up the weapons. But as soon as I remove the canvas I can pick up weapons?! All the UI works etc, can use buttons what not, just cant pick up weapons Thanks for any answers!
  9. Hello guys! In this tutorial we are going to create a wheater system! It is just a quick tutorial, so if you have any questions or you want more in-depht please ask! In this tutorial we are going to create a particle system for the "world" rain, the "camera" effects, the clouds and the thunder! I hope you guys like it! (also I got a little question, do you think foreach serie a new thread or shall I make one big thread for all the tutorials?)
  10. I recently upgraded to Unity 5.0.2 (yay new stuff) because I was told that a lot of what was pro features are now free, yay. I was messing around with the unity kit and I decided to remove the lock-cursor menu due to compiler errors, I also set the starting TimeFrame to 1 in Project settings. Since I deleted the Lock Cursor script, I searched for a new one, since Unity transitioned from Screen.lockcursor to Cursor.lockState. http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Cursor-lockState.html The game worked fine without the lock script, allows my character to walk around, shoot, jump etc etc however after I attached the code, it was causing issues. Camera.lockState = Locked worked just fine, it locked my cursor to the center, yay, however it also decided to lock my camera rotation too. When I press escape and my mouse is free then my camera can move free again, until I click on the screen to shoot or aim, which it will then lock my camera's rotation to that position. I've tried all sorts of codes, even quickly spruced up my own, however I found that it was Cursor.lockState that was definitely the issue. I'm using FPSKit 1.3.5 when trying this. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I tried googling this to no avail. Also to note that I'm far from genius when it comes to coding, I'm on the level of script kiddie. Does anyone else have a code that they feel might fix my issue? Edit: Is there also a way to fix the SunShafts script? It works just fine itself except that locks Y rotation and duplicates both the weapon view and the main camera view to overlap, strangely.
  11. Almgp

    Automapping pack

    introducing you set for automatic texturing a engine. the model does not need UV. Support lightmaps (light probs). for variability shader draws top grass \ sand and mixing at a distance, and generates detailed texture masks variability Enjoy! https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/33428
  12. Hey guys ! I just wanted to share my tribute to the halo franchise with this halo indie game I am making with OMA's fps kit My Game is called Halo: Spartan 117 follow it on http://gamejolt.com/games/action/halo-spartan-117/35922/ (You can also find more screenshots and videos here) here is a screenshot
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