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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a little problem with missing script. I have a pick up script and I want to delete instances of picked up GameObject on all clients, but when I do that my Item class is missing in object even tho I created new instance of Item :/ [...] Item _TempItem; public void AddToInv(Item item, GameObject go) { bool isSlotAvailable; int slotNumber; _TempItem = item; FindFreeSlot(out isSlotAvailable, out slotNumber); if (!isSlotAvailable) return; FillSlot(_TempItem, slotNumber); NetworkServer.Destroy(go); } [...] I'm probably missing something stupid and simple to solve :V Thanks for all help
  2. New Version! 2017.x Unity Version! Hello Guys I rebuilded my old Package...so i added some new Features and fixed many old Bugs! Right now i cannot give you guys the Package but i have some Pictures! Why i dont can upload the Package right now? cause i work hard on the script and the overlay that i added many Features! Unet MatchMaking has Nat-Punchtrought! No PortForwanding needed! Important: You must activate the service on https://unity3d.com/services/multiplayer To install the service to your project i cant help you! Look Google! https://i.gyazo.com/34054f312f0baca26b616d05b3258a81.png https://i.gyazo.com/dc43e7af4405cb76df17a5cbcc67c6a5.png https://i.gyazo.com/79f0e18fdc5b985f197e8327d83d942d.png https://i.gyazo.com/972efbbfa1c12b6d7422b2ae78364404.mp4 Preview can change after Updates! Current Features: Full usable Server Browser ( Servername,Map,Gamemode and the current size of the Server ) Nice Transitions trought the UI! Full ServerLobby ( Not shown in the Pictures this is a Secret! ) Full UNet Support! Is there no way to get this Package right now? You can get the Package with every update when you supporting me! ( Supporting only on Patreon )
  3. I have set up my model as humanoid and has rifle_idle animation and reload_animation. Gun is instantiated, parented to the right arm and is adjusted to the rifle_idle position. How can I make the weapon magazine sync with the reloading animation? I tried Inverse Kinematics but it does not work well.
  4. Dardan

    C# Help

    Hello world. Im here to ask one question and hopefully people will write back and take their time to reed this. So my question to the programmers out there is, whats, where and how is the best way to learn Unity C# programming. When i say C# Programming i also mean Network Programming, it is completly okey and ill be really thankful if there isn't a really good unity3d network programming tutorial but only the other type of programming. Anything helps out! I have searched around a lot a lot of to learn programming networking, but don't find so much useful tutorials. I can program a little bit, i have made a basic FPS game by my self and it is really cool in my opinion, but it is boring to play a game where you can't do much but walk around and shoot Ai. So i really wanted to learn Network Programming. Then came this beautiful thing called Unet, or maybe it is old, i dont know, when i say Unet i mean all the new networking components. My experience with multiplayer : The only thing i have completed by using Unet, is making a player join by the NetworkManager / NetworkManagerHUD and walk around and look around in a FPS type of view. And it worked / works. That wasn't so advanced and hard to program, so i thought that it wouldn't be so hard to program in other things like shooting, switching weapons and so on. Oh God it was. So then i ran into this type of thing called [Command] //or Cmd This was new, and it will be new and never be understood by me. I am talking about a lot of other commands and words in Unet programming, but these are the first ones i ran into. So my question is, is there really any good and useful tutorials / streams / courses or whatever it can be, that will help you out in Unity3D C# Programming and Unity3D C# Network Programming ? Thanks in advance for reading all this, thank you for your time and i hope you have a good answer and i hope you have a wonderful day
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