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Found 19 results

  1. hi,I wanted to know that how can I create an damage Indicator in Unity 3D ? I went very search, but I did not find anything! If the code is so much better.
  2. Free Login Window. It should have animations when you click at field. Special is for promo codes like "y8BeQ" Or something This is uploaded as prefab. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/edvl2yi17u6ec6r/LoginUI.rar
  3. Mufabil45

    The Division UI

    Greetings mates, i have a question How to make UI that rotating around player, quite similar to The Division style? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, Here's a few mock designs I did for an identity card, and credit card. These were inspired after playing Arma3 PsySyn Network - an arma3 life mode. Cheers.
  5. gomnosano

    Free UI work

    Hi, I mainly do modeling and coding but making UI is a lot of fun and it's what modeling and coding use to be for me, a hobby. So, if you need a UI artist, I'd be willing to do it for free. Below you'll see a picture of a start menu that I planned on using for my game.
  6. I want to convert this script to play my game in android. This control helicopter using keycode i want to control it by using canvas button.Please Help. HelicopterController.cs
  7. Hello, In order to create a quick main menu UI , i use this old fashionned method: if (GUI.Button(new Rect(x,y,width,height),"Start"){ SceneManager.Loadscene(""); } That works great when i export it as an Executable for pc but in my mobile phone (Android) , the UI elemnts are too small, what can i do to resolve this issue ? I have another quick question too : Is it possible to get the icon of a unitypackage ? here's a picture to explain : I didn't find the picture inside the package ! Thanks,
  8. Hello. I have downloaded the Unity game engine after seeing videos of it's drag and drop UI system, and having the idea to use Unity as a mock up tool for my app and website design. This allows for an easy, yet simple way to create mock up designs for clients instead of my normal Photoshop static files, or Adobe XD. To practice I designed a basic news reading app in Unity, with no other software, which was very difficult for someone who has been designing websites and apps on PSD and Illustrator for many years. None the less, check out what I have created below. Enjoy.
  9. Hello everyone , Basically let me introduce to my game... Name : ColorCatcher (may be changed later...) About the game (Android , IOS): Basic , All you have to do just touch on the colored balloons and it will be destroyed by the method ["Destroy(gameObject)"] and count + 1 & displaying on the UI.Text I use playerprefs to count how much balloons I've destroyed My problem is : The first balloon i touch on it , Counted and displayed on the UI Text , 2nd/3th/......100th is not counted but getting destroyed! ---- Scripts Balloon Movements : (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Spawning: (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Destroying & Counting! : [ERROR ON THIS SCRIPT] Okay. This is what I've setup [Sorry There's no screenshot ] : HideBall script is putted on "Score" "Score" = UI.Text = "0" Based on the Hierarchy --------- the Balloons is not on the Hierarchy , it's on the folder called "Prefabs" in Project file. --------- If this is not helpful , i can take screenshots/Video ---------- But please help me I've googled and it wasn't helpful for me Thanks for Reading
  10. Hi! This is a mix of a showcase and a celebration. A: This is a showcase of my menu creation system which I have been working on for a little while now. B: I am celebrating because I just got accepted into the Asset Store for the first time! The name of the asset is UltimateMenus. UltimateMenus is a menu system that allows you to create main and pause menus very easily out of the box. And it's free. I'd appreciate some feedback on the asset, maybe some suggestions about how to improve ans expand it, although I understand if you wouldn't want to. Thank you!
  11. Hello I'm trying to take some components inside a prefav who is a Canvas, the prefav inside have two panels and, on each one of them, inside them, have 4 buttons, i want to access this buttons to try -somehow- to add the script to the OnClick() area and then, select a function, and add a variable if the function requiere it, so the questions are simple. How exactly i can access the panels and the buttons from C#? And then, how can i access the OnClick() selected script area of the buttons through C#? How can i from then get the function of that script through C#? And how i can, after that, bring a variable valu if the functin ask for it through C#? And also: What are exaclty at component level the panels?, i know they (i guess/heard) can't be selected like "Panels", so the question stands, whats exactly the type of component that a panel is?, it doesn't seem in the GameObject list than there is actualy a Panel type at all. This is what i have so far: . . . Canvas canvasPrefab = LoadSprite (); canvasPrefab.name = "canvasPrefab"; Instantiate(canvasPrefab, Camera.main.transform.position, Camera.main.transform.rotation); canvasPrefab.GetComponent (Canvas); //Not sure if this is right . . . Any comment, question or request for clarification will also be much apreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey community, I'm trying to design a list where you can see all your friends online, but I'm not sure how I should design it. Can someone help me point out the direction i need to go? (Current "Setup") : https://gyazo.com/359d3433870351781ffc77fdec974095 Thanks you all!
  13. I've been searching the Unity forums for this and haven't been able to find an answer. I need to set a new UI Text Box to PlayerPrefs string. I know I need to set the PlayerPrefs String on End Edit, which is easy. However, I do not know how to convert the Text object to a string. What kind of variable is the new UI text? I've tried... public TextAsset username; public void saveName(){ PlayerPrefs.SetString ("playername", username.ToString); Debug.Log (PlayerPrefs.GetString ("playername")); } but I just get "The best overloaded method match for `UnityEngine.PlayerPrefs.SetString(string, string)' has some invalid arguments" blah blah. I just chose TextAsset because that's what showed up when I tried using "Text". Sorry if this is obvious, I'm a noob when it comes to the new UI. Edit: I also tried switching TextAsset to GUIText, but I get "cannot convert `method group' expression to type `string'". Edit: Fixed thanks to DannyIsSoPro (I tinkered around with it a little after to adjust for some changed I made to the game in the mean-time). If anyone's interested, here's the final script. Put it on the End Edit event of the Input Field using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class SaveName : MonoBehaviour { private Text t; public string username; public GameObject textObject; private void Awake() { t = textObject.GetComponent<Text>(); SaveuserName(); } public void SaveuserName() { username = t.text; PlayerPrefs.SetString("PlayerUserName", username); Debug.Log("string: " + PlayerPrefs.GetString("PlayerUserName")); } }
  14. xfukecx

    UI ServerList

    Hello! Im working on a FPS game, and I want to make a serverlist. I already made it with GUI, but I was wondering if it is possible with UI. Here is my GUI script: //RoomList GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(Screen.width / 2 - 200, Screen.height / 2 - 200, 400, 500)); //GUI.Box(new Rect(Screen.width / 2 - 200, Screen.height / 2 - 200, 400, 400),""); //GUILayout.Space(20); GUI.color = Color.cyan; GUILayout.Box("Game Rooms"); GUI.color = Color.white; GUILayout.Space(20); scrollPosition = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scrollPosition, false ,true, GUILayout.Width(400), GUILayout.Height(300)); foreach ( RoomInfo game in PhotonNetwork.GetRoomList()) // Each RoomInfo "game" in the amount of games created "rooms" display the fallowing. { GUI.color = Color.cyan; GUILayout.Box(game.name + " " + game.playerCount + "/" + game.maxPlayers);//Thus we are in a for loop of games rooms display the game.name provide assigned above, playercount, and max players provided. EX 2/20 if (GUILayout.Button("Join Room") ) { if(GetComponent<PhotonView>().isMine == false) { PlayedMap = MapName; } PhotonNetwork.JoinRoom(game.name); // Next to each room there is a button to join the listed game.name in the current loop. } GUI.color = Color.white; } GUILayout.EndScrollView(); GUILayout.EndArea(); //RoomList
  15. reaperkan

    Health Bar

    I was creating a health bar using a slider and when the health value decrease it rescales the fill I dont want rescaling i want to make parts of the fill area disappear like it normally does in the other games? How would you guys do it?
  16. Hey armedunity! i was working on my fps game's HUD and i had to choose between the render mode in the canvas this is my first time using the new UI system so i dunno what to choose Screen space overlay or Screen space camera and if its the camera one , i have to add the controller camera or the gun camera ? A pic of what im talking about : http://imgur.com/yWuUQIX
  17. public List<ItemClass> playerInventory = new List<ItemClass>(); void DrawInventory(int windowID) { for (int i = 0; i < playerInventory.Count; i++) { if (GUILayout.Button(playerInventory.itemIcon, GUILayout.Width(100), GUILayout.Height(100))) { Debug.log(playerInventory.itemName + " Used"); } } } this is my inventory window function what i want to do is the first 6 items will be in one line the the next 6 items in a difrent line and so on... i have 2 questions: 1.can i use the new 4.6 UI system to do this? 2.how can i do this using GUILayout.BeginHorizintal("");?
  18. xSilv4r

    GUI & UI

    Hi guys , i have a little question about GUI & Ui I think that GUI its for making the game menus or things like inventory , craft window , pause menu ( things in the game ) but guys what is that thing ===> " UI " Its for making Main Menu or what ? O.o Please help guys
  19. I'm working with the fps kit v2...and I dont have any idea about how to do a damage user interface! Thing is, when an enemy shoots at me, I got damaged, but how can I show the damage direction? Any ideas?! there are many fps games that have that! Is that possible? Here is an image that I first found on google, to show you what i'm talking about: (I want to make that thing up there showing where does the damage come from) Thanks guys!
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