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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, i helped couple people on unity answers, so i though I'd post it here. Maybe someone will find it useful, and if you aren't a good coder this will get you going. http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/514523/do-something-when-player-touches-gameobject.html Step 1. Create simple cube, and tag it "teleportPad". Place it somewhere on ground. Step 2. Create C# script called "Teleport", and paste in this code. You can translate it later in Unityscript. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Teleport : MonoBehaviour { public Transform destination; void OnControllerColliderHit(ControllerColliderHit col){ if(col.collider.gameObject.tag == "teleportPad"){ transform.position = destination.position; } } } Step 3. Save the script and attach it to player, (not camera). Step 4. Create new empty game object, place it somewhere 4 meters above the ground so you wouldn't fall through. Step 5. Drag and drop the created empty game object (created in step 4) onto "Destination", located in "Teleport" script on your player. Play it. When you will collide with the box you will be teleported to the empty game object position.
  2. Hi there i am a indie developer who is new to unity, currently working on a Multiplayer FPS, i am working on this with some mates and also have another friend who will be working on the artworks (Photoshop type art). I'm hoping to release the game by the end of the year. www.facebook.com/MultiplayerFps What we are aiming for: -Parkour System (in progress) -up to 40 guns (with attachments) -Free To Play -Master Server, Servers + Hostings (almost complete) -Battlefield size maps (Large, for tactical gameplay) -GameModes: -DeathMatch (Free For All) -Team DeathMatch -One Life GameModes (Like Elimination) -A complex Search And Destroy Mode -Sniper Only Modes -And More (Once the following are complete) -Graphics (To Be Finished Last) -Realism (Like Bullet Drop, Jump Height, Explosions, etc.) -Diversity.
  3. Hello im looking for tester for my game. These tester will b able to be called on any time i need them to test. *Note* They don't have to always be on/test. By agreeing to test you are basically saying that you wouldn't mind joining in a test with me. So far: - jolo309 - UltimateKettle11
  4. Hey guys. I've tried a few things to fix this but nothing seems to work. I added it so you can switch the players view from first person to 3rd person. but the problem is that the 3rd person camera goes through walls. Any way to fix that? thanks -Stuart
  5. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/195050-Unity-GUI-Design-Tutorials REALLY good How to use GUI Tutorial. Hey Guys! Today I found a really good GUI tutorial. So far I'm learning quite a bit from it. And I think it could help a lot of new people out who are trying to make a main menu. Hope It Helps!
  6. I'm trying to calculate the angle to a target like in the picture for an AI script. I've already got it to find the angle to a target around the y axis using this code and it works how I want it to already, but I still can't get the up and down angles, plz halp! var enemyDir = target.transform.position - vision.transform.position; var enemyAngle = Vector3.Angle(enemyDir, transform.forward);
  7. shubham kumar

    fps kit

    how do add ready or ready to run animation in fps kit free version because in fps kit from Idle Animation directly Run animation plays how do i add ready to run in between those
  8. I Want Th Star Script In Unity What Languge Can I Use? I heard thet unity java script is the best. where can i learn it? i want to create game like dayz... what the difrent betwen every languge?
  9. I'm having trouble finding a good explanation on how to use an array(yes I've searched google). I'm trying to make an NPC find all game objects in a scene with a tag, store all these gameobjects in an array and only target the closest gameobject to the NPC. Also is there a better way of doing this? An array explanation would still be good just in case I ever want to use it if this is the case
  10. No Hope: Hello everyone! This is an open world zombie game which is set in modern times and its also going to be a simulator so very realistic. If your interested comment below! CREDITS NEWS: The team Ideas: Setting: Somewhere on 2 islands! Snow island and a jungle island! Year: 2013 Game Engine: Unity3D 4.x Pro Plot: A zombie virus has spread throughout the world because rabies and mad cow disease mutated into the zombie pandemic that we are surviving in, and you are a survivor trying to survive it. Humanity has tried to make a cure but has failed to find patient zero... But you still can carry on! Zombies can be fast or slow and quiet/loud... But your main threat isn't the zombies... It's the other survivors! With built on voice chat you won't get killed on the spot but be wary... Can you find patient zero? And save humanity? Game feature ideas: Inventory (Using backpacks) 2 islands - Made! Multiplayer co-op (Using Unity built in networking) Drivable Vehicles Customizable Player Characters (Clothes, appearance) Faction Groups Buildable Group bases (with faction raiding) Buildable and upgradeable Houses Large open world Random Item spawns Radiation zones Local Voice Chat Faction group voice chat Raiding against factions (group vs. group) PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. Environment) Crafting (fixing broken vehicles, taking wood from trees, killing animal AI and taking meat, etc) Realistic Day/Night Cycle Realistic as possible (especially the terrain and shaders) Smart zombie AI using AI path finding Player starts with small rations of food, a flashlight, and a backpack Dead players turn to Zombies after some Time Hunger/Thirst system Blood system (Blood can be contaminated with radiation if player is bleeding or has a cut) .Parkour! ScreenShots: Sniper: By seb (Not textured yet) (animated) | | V
  11. ThatOneGuy

    New to Unity

    Hello, I'm new to Unity and coding. I want to create a multiplayer FPS game kind of like Planetside 2, a giant map with battles going in different places. I know it is going to take a long time and that it would be hard, but does anyone know where I can start?
  12. Call To Arms: Sadly The Game Has Been Cancled
  13. how do i add everything into a project i already have some models and maps and stuff in it
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