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Found 10 results

  1. So, i tried everything i found on the internet, i made an other go and made it parent but no luck. Take a look :
  2. Hey guys. With the current ArmedUnity contest that is running i just had an idea. We can have a game of the year contest every year here on ArmedUnity. The winner(s) should have a special place on the ArmedUnity homepage (just like an Advertisement box) and be there for the whole year. (So that's the prize of the winners, free advertising). We could just continue what TheMars2011 started, i mean the next contest to start 25 of December, the day that the current will finish. Let me know what you think about it, and any suggestions to make it more interesting. [A moderator might add a vote poll here [1) Yes, i found it interesting,2) No way, that sucks,3)Don't care]
  3. Hey guys, I bought The Forest last night (I can't play it, My laptop sucks and the game keeps not responding in the loading screen) I figured I would buy it while It was $15 and buy the time I get a better PC the game should be coming along quite nicely. Just wanted to know what you thought of the game. Do you enjoy it? What are your best moments in it? (Funny/scary) Biggest bug you have found? (Not including the save bug) Are you excited for MULTIPLAYER!!!!! I hope that you can buy servers from them. Not just 1 big map for everyone. I would rather have a private server for my friends and I.
  4. Hey guys. I was wondering how I would achieve a water droplet effect on the main camera? I followed a few tutorials but they weren't really what I was looking for. I a video that Unistorm had one. But I don't see it anywhere in the Unistorm file. I also read that you could do this with a plane that is up close to the main camera? Thanks -Stuart
  5. Hey guys. I was wondering how I would achieve this type of art style that The Walking Dead: A tell tale game has. Its kind of like a Comic/Borderlands look. And I know I can get somewhat the same look with a Toon shader. But it doesn't look very good. Can anyone send me a link or tell me the best way on how to achieve this please? thanks -Stuart
  6. Here is the case concept I did for my game design assignment at College, don't expect to end up making it, wish I could. Soon ill do a thread on the whole thing, all the designing/planning has been done, might be interesting for some of you to read my concept/design. Like the idea? free jpeg images
  7. The Undead: Me and the team (Le Royal Games) have decided that we should show you what we have been up to ! We have been working on "SMART AI" that will feed on dead animals and will be alerted in many various ways! We are also looking for members: If you are interested you must post this below: Name: Age: Time-Zone/Location: Speciality(Coding, Animation ect...): Why should we let you in the team?: Screenshots of work or some way of showing us the work you have done! Videos: The Undead Teaser Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnftiIosjVc&feature=youtu.be Website: TheUndead
  8. So, As title: What do you think will be this years Game of the year? Is it breathtaking Battlefield? Or is it The Last of Us? Or will it be the most awaited game : The Elder Scrolls Online? Vote, and post a comment why if there is a why
  9. Holy crap... I have been doing this for hours and want to freaking throw my damn coffee cup............. How do I change the damn starting guns!? I goto my player prefab and look under the weapon manager and change some things: "Firstguns" AXE -> M4 Pistol -> Shotgun "Weapons In Use" AXE -> M4 Pistol -> Shotgun And I get errors saying: It couldn't draw the guns?? And I seriously changed the things back manually to: AXE and Pistol and it gives the same damn errors............. I seriously had to "undo" my actions by ctrl+z !? How the hell do I change the starting guns...............? Please help me..
  10. Hello i am been think of sci fi and mix of horror zombie with idea of the slender man parts in and i been putting all good parts that make scary SO For last 9 hours i been putting to gather the idea the story as such I am wahnting to make this anroid sort of game if i can as i will be spending bit of time lowing texture so phone wont blow it brains out i was watching defiance and i got idea of that to make this horror I AM SORRY FOR ENGLISH I AM REALLY IN NEED OF SLEEP so i will add video later with more writing thanks TRY THE DEMO !!! - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49927025/Dropbox%40Game%200.0.9/Dropbox%40Game%200.0.9.html
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