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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone! Its been a little bit since I've posted and that's because I've been working on a cartoonish/low-poly shipyards asset. It finally got approved and released on the asset store so I would be honored if you wanted to check it out! Store Page - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/cartoon-shipyards-124154 Showcase Video - -Features-Buildings- 2 Storage houses- 1 Loading house- 1 Bridge- 1 WarehouseVehicles- 1 Aircraft carrier- 1 Jet- 2 Trucks- 1 Forklift- 1 Trailer- 1 Barge- 1 TrainProps- 1 Barrel- 1 Cardboard box- 1 Chain link fence- 1 Crane- 6 different shipping containers- 1 Dirt pile- 1 Rock debris- 1 Electrical Box- 2 fence types- 1 Radio tower- 1 Road block- 1 Sand crate- 2 signsEvironment- 1 Tree- 1 Bush - Slap Chicken Games 2018
  2. My team needs someone for textures. We have multiple textures, but no one to texture the enviroments. Any help is great. Contact me at yousaffhabib@outlook.com
  3. The texture artist will need to be able to create all kind of textures for the game. This is a non profit game because of legal stuff, so this is a non paying job.
  4. Hello guys You probably know that I am working on a life simulator called Urbem Vita (see post in showcase section). The developing process is going well but we need a new member to fill up our two-man team. Due to lack of time and personal reasons our previous texture artist had to quit the project. Althoug he made a lot of textures for the game we need more. Thats why we need YOU! Some requirements for the job: -Experience with Gimp, Photoshop or any other kind of painting/photoediting program -A skype account -Dropbox account - ( able to UV-unwrap in Blender 3D ) Some Information about the job: - The style of the game is lowpoly/simple --> no uberhighquality textures needed -You will get paid (5$/month if you delivered textures that month) Any question? mail me at delaeyb@gmail.com Cheers Bram (sorry for typo's and missing links, post is written on mobile, soon an edited one)
  5. Hey there, My name's Sam and I'm the CEO of Royal game studios. We currently developing a multiplayer fps titled Covert Ops When a new dangerous terrorist organization who call themselves The Order of Chaos emerges and launches a fire sail, the world is in despair. All communications, power, transportation and utilities are controlled by the Order. With the cyber attack complete the Order begins launching deadly biological bombs to proceed with what they call The Cleansing. In response, The US forms a unit of the most skilled and deadly operatives to quickly and successfully terminate the new terrorist group. the group travels to various places on the globe and takes down the organization. This would justify us having different maps in vastly different settings and locations to avoid them being similar. Like an Arctic Map, a middle eastern Map. and it would explain the smaller battles. What is the game?: The game is an multiplayer fps game, But we want to make our game have originality, by making maps like to battleships fighting over a bomb which you must recover in the middle of the ocean. The game has vehicles (W.I.P) Like tanks, Jeeps, jets and helicopters. Who do we need? - We require a texture/graphic artist who is able textures guns and props! - An animator who is able to create first person animations for weapons - A modeller to create and rig a set of arms for use ingame. Have a look at some of the pictures of our weapon models below. Ingame pictures are currently few and far between because we are mostly working on functionality changes. The weapons are obviously untextured, but are there to give you an idea of the sort of models that you will be texturing. An animators would also be animating these weapons. We hope to find someone willing to join us on our endeavours. We want to create a brilliant first person shooter but we cannot do it without the help. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Game-Studios/226061784215292
  6. 1. is there limitation of rendered obijact in scene? like 1k obijact with less than - let say 10k triangles.? i basicaly moustly using cubes of unity engine to make fast walls, and wery small amount of my modeled .fbx and .obj. 2. is there limitation of textures, like on shader properties i set texture to repeat x:10 and y:10. is this is same performace as x1:, y1? do its render extra 10 times or takes jus more ram? 3. is it consume more resources from your device if you set clor on texture via obijact shader? like i usulay make a stron directional light, then texture in obj are wery bright, so i just set color on darker in that obj shader menu
  7. Taamalus

    Free Textures

    I did not want to clutter up another guys work with mine http://armedunity.com/topic/5525-office-scene-v1-low-poly-untextured-can-be-used-for-cutscenes/ so I am simply starting a thread with textures I will share here are some card box textures I did in Genetica. Samples download the entire set (three boards) here https://mega.co.nz/#!fEMUnZZI!WTeDMhOXbg55FzxiF8ViRgcoG98sqagDGcLvuBnLsxQ and yes there will be more to come.
  8. hai guys im working on a online fps and i've been playing with the lighting because my gun is really dark. right now i'm using a point light attachted to the main camera to make the surface brighter so you can see the details but you can see a big light all around the controler and i definitely don't want that if anyone can give me ideas on what to do it would help alot
  9. Hey Guys like the title says I need a little bit help with my fps dungeon crawler game with pixel textures. I am a very good pixel artist with drawing and making little creatures or houses or items in 16x16 but there is a problem with Unity. If I make 16x16 big textures and import them into Unity and put them in a Material which is transparent where nothing is painted the textures is very very very very very very out of focus. I dont know if there is a way to fix that. If not could somebody please make textures which are high quality and pixel! Like: normal torch (lights very bad) double torch (lights normally) multitorch (lights very good!) chest Old Stonebrick Normal Stonebrick MoosyStonebrick Destroyed Stonebrick Stone Knife Wooden Stick Iron Sword That is it for now if you are interested in the Game I could need some help not only for textures one time but like scripting e.t.c Skype: JedimeisterX
  10. For any queries reply below : DOWNLOAD LINK : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/07/destructible-concrete-barricade.html
  11. Ready to shoot some badies in a dark alley? Or invade a compound in Iraq? Well you need a weapon, and what better to do it with then a gun made from the same people who made the legendary Ak – 47. Introducing the Aks – 74u, deadly, accurate, and scary. Download Package Details: Verts : 3596 Faces : 2471 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  12. When I download the FPS kit it has no scripts attached to anything and no textures. Please help
  13. Hi,i need some help from you guys,well talkin about ripping textures from valve,so lets get started.Its just example : Well i rip some textures (wall textures,grass and ambient textures) from valve,they are realy highlighted,those textures what i ripped can see in game realy great. So i stole textures from valve and put them into my game....I release game and my game becomes popular and i get alot money.So then valve sees those textures in my game (what i stole),they KNOW/THINK that those textures are stolen from their game.But there is the question : how do they gonna prove that those textures are their? HOW? I cant get sued,because all i can say is : I made exactly same textures like in their game,guys whats gonna happen?,how do they gonna prove that those textures are their? Or something else? Please guys help me,I NEED information.Thanks for attention,i hope you understand me
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