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Found 16 results

  1. NEW PACKAGE! Here it is. The ACOG Sight used by militants all over the world. This particular model is made SPECIFICALLY for the UNITY3D Game engine. I've placed the SPECULAR Map in the Alpha Channel of the TGA texture which means you will just have to use the BUMPED SPECULAR Shader in Unity and you're good to go! Don't forget to slide the shininesss slider to maximum! And to change the main and the specular colour both to white! HERE YOU GO! (NOTE: Pictures taken IN GAME). PS: NO CREDITS REQUIRED! DOWNLOAD!
  2. This is my new textured and rigged hand model with new flashlight. <<Download here>> For any problem PM me or reply this post. Screen: Rig
  3. Hi everyone after a long time i decided to upload something for you guys .Feel free to use it in your projects. A Male Survivor Made in 3ds max ,Zbrush and photoshop Hope you guys like it. Download Here- http://adf.ly/qqbK0
  4. A New 3D Model to show Feedback is apreciated like allways. Fantasy Tower / Medium Poly-Count / Fully Textured 4 Main Objects : Tower / Gate / Gate Mechanism / Torch Stand [ Poly-Count 43074 ] [ Points 33382 ] [ Total Objects 7 ] Preview Rendered in C4D R15 / Tested in Unity 5 Link to the Model on Turbosquid : Click Here
  5. [ 7 Models Total ] [ Axe ] [ Bow and Arrows ] [ Chain Sword ] [ Dagger ] [ Long Sword ] [ Mace ] [ Semi Sword ] Feedback is apreciated. Tnx Axe Bow and Arrows Chain Sword Dagger Long Sword Mace Semi Sword [ Off Topic ] I need a person to help me with the texturing for this pack and more, I`m giving profit share for every sale of the models. Tnx and have a nice day
  6. Hi guys This is made by me in blender. might not be perfect. hope you like it. 144 Vertices. 135 Faces. 252 Tris. http://www.mediafire.com/?8xb10bthrp9sgu6 Feel free to edit it. No credits required Feedback appreciated Add me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sahel.salman Here are the screenshots of 1) The render 2) It Inside Unity
  7. Well, I'm back with my new Free " 5 Textured Rocks Pack " in medium poly Very useful for nature in Survival games Hope you like! ~Jackal~ Download: http://adf.ly/iREbR Image:
  8. Hi, Today I bring you 5 weapons from Battlefield 3. CREDITS: http://www.youtube.c...g?feature=watch Weapons: -44 Mag: -http://prntscr.com/2ykg3e -870 MCS: -http://prntscr.com/2ykgj8 -1911: -http://prntscr.com/2ykh0n -a-91: -http://prntscr.com/2ykhmw -ACB90(knife): -http://prntscr.com/2ykill Package: -Send me a PM ,and i give you a link. Like?
  9. NEW PACKAGE! It is a map props package this time! Working on an FPS? TPS? RPG? And don't have the necessary models to make your map look EXTRAORDINARY? Well this package can help you out! It contains a few but good looking assets that will surely lighten your map up a bit with realism! This package contains 2 kinds of barrels, some crates, a metal door, some rusty railings, and 2 garbage bags WHICH you can duplicate and modify! Download! IMAGE:
  10. Ready for this? Oh hell you better be! The new and improved AK-47 Tactical! This one, I modeled using a reference of COD MW3, Oh yes. I bet you'll like this, it's pretty low poly compared to the ones I see other people using, and it has specular maps embedded into the alpha channel of the diffuse texture., so if you're using Unity3D as your engine, don't forget to set the shader to "Specular" Thanks and enjoy this package! Download Please support my website where I give out the models I make! Support it by sharing! Thanks! FBXControl.com
  11. First of all, sorry for being inactive! Here is a package! Well another package is finally here, the long awaited MP7. Packed with Specular, Normals, and Diffuse Maps, looks sick in any game engine, try it out for yourself and I tell you, you will defo not be disappointed. I've recored a Time lapse for this one, here you go _- Download
  12. Completed it today only. Programs used : Blender, Gimp It will be used in FPS Shooter game being developed by Sour Monkey Games. Please give some feedback. For more pics : http://unitegamersify.blogspot.in/2013/06/ruined-store-house-showcase-1-day-work.html
  13. For any queries reply below : DOWNLOAD LINK : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/07/destructible-concrete-barricade.html
  14. Liked the previous Map Props v.1 package? Well then you're gonna like this too. It is the v.2 of the props package. It has a few more props (3) which you can use to decorate your game map and make it look totally awesome combined with the v.1 package! Well Good Luck! Download Package Details: Verts: 1423 Faces: 1152
  15. Need some more guns? Well here comes another one. Introducing the MP5K. An awesome automatic gun that is guaranteed to make your opponents pants “sweat”. Find. Target. Kill. The MP5K. Download Package Details: Verts : 1475 Faces : 1343 The Original Post at: BlendControl
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